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1986-2022: Celebrating Scotland's Music for 36 years

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Aileen Carr - Green Yarrow

 — Solo Singers & Songwriters — Stream or Download only — CDTRAX173

Aileen Carr was born in Coupar Angus, in Perthshire. Her father, self-taught on the melodeon, had a fine Scots voice, while her mother also sang and played the piano at musical evenings at home. Aileen’s family could not afford piano lessons for her but that didn’t hold back Aileen’s interest… read more

Billy Ross - Shore Street

 — Solo Singers & Songwriters — Stream or Download only — CDTRAX198

Billy Ross was a founder member of the widely travelled folk band Ossian, formed in 1976, and returned to be part of the re-formed Ossian in 1997, when they recorded The Carrying Stream for Greentrax Recordings. Over the years Billy has also featured in other lineups, including the excellent… read more

John Wright - A Few Short Lines

 — £6 Stock Clearance CDs — Solo Singers & Songwriters — CD — CDTRAX194

John Wright is the front man and singer of the very successful John Wright Band whose touring schedule is quite remarkable. John has a truly compelling voice, both strong and expressive - on this first solo album for many years, John has recorded some of his favourite songs, mainly traditional, with… read more

Rod Paterson - Up To Date

 — Solo Singers & Songwriters — Stream or Download only — CDTRAX197

This is a compilation of Rod Paterson’s two early solo albums: Two Hats and Smiling Waved Goodbye. Rod is one of Scotland’s finest singers, with limitless depth and versatility. While best known for his work with the groups Jock Tamson’s Bairns, The Easy Club and Ceolbeg, he also follows a… read more

Iain Rankin - Out Of Nowhere

 — £6 Stock Clearance CDs — Solo Singers & Songwriters — CD — CDTRAX069

From the leader and founder member of the hugely popular 1970s band Rankin File came this solo album in 1993 by Iain Rankin, with a bunch of brand new self-penned songs. Iain is a brilliant songwriter with a great voice to go with it. In Pier House Studio, Iain surrounded himself with some of… read more

Adam McNaughtan - The Words That I Used To Know

 — Solo Singers & Songwriters — CD — CDTRAX195D

This is a double CD re-release of the earlier cassette recordings The Glasgow That I Used to Know and Words, Words, Words. Singer-songwriter Adam McNaughtan, a product of the Scottish Folk Revival of the 1960s, has been writing, collecting and singing songs for three decades and has become one of… read more

Robin Laing - Imaginary Lines

 — £6 Stock Clearance CDs — Solo Singers & Songwriters — CD — CDTRAX185

Robin Laing is one of Scotland’s best singer-songwriters and each year has a full diary of bookings, especially gigs where he specialises in the theme of Scotch whisky, a subject on which he has recorded four albums for Greentrax. Robin is also an expert whisky taster and very much in demand.… read more

Songhunter - Spirit Of The Land

 — £6 Stock Clearance CDs — G2 Label — Solo Singers & Songwriters — CD — G2CD7004

From an idea submitted by singer/songwriter Jim Hunter to The Highland Festival was born the Songhunter project, attracting a staggering 430 competition entries from Highlands and Islands songwriters. The incredibly difficult task of reducing that figure to a touring repertoire of some twenty songs… read more

A Clear Day’s Dawnin’

 — £6 Stock Clearance CDs — Compilations — Solo Singers & Songwriters — CD — CDTRAX176

To Welcome The New Parliament. Scotland’s music to welcome a new parliament. Our rough guide to some of the key landmarks in the long, rich history of Scotland’s music, which we present as Scotland regains its own Parliament after 300 years. Featuring Sandy Brechin (accordion), Mairi Campbell (fiddle, viola, vocals), Jack… read more

Brian McNeill - To Answer The Peacock

 — £6 Stock Clearance CDs — Solo Singers & Songwriters — CD — CDTRAX170

Ex-Battlefield Band anchorman goes solo - multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter, composer, record producer and author. This album sees Brian return to his first love of fiddle music, consisting mainly of his own tunes. As usual he also accompanies himself on numerous instruments and also brings… read more

Willie Scott - The Shepherd’s Song

 — Solo Singers & Songwriters — CD — CDTRAX9054

Border Ballads. Willie Scott was born in the Scottish village of Canonbie in the Scottish Borders in 1897, one of a family of seven. On leaving school he worked on various farms and in his adult years more permanently on farms in Fife and Duns, Berwickshire. In addition to his singing songs of the Scottish Borders… read more

John MacDonald - The Singing Molecatcher Of Morayshire

 — Solo Singers & Songwriters — CD — CDTRAX9053

The late John MacDonald was a champion singer, whistler, diddler and melodeon player. On this album he displays all of these talents. He was born in 1905 at Bogney Farm, Dunphail, and was the eldest of six children. He started performing at the age of 13 years and eventually became known as a… read more

Davie Stewart

 — Accordion & Melodeon — Solo Singers & Songwriters — CD — CDTRAX9052

Davie Stewart was one of Scotland’s travelling people, a character who sang and played melodeon as he travelled around the country, visiting fairs and festivals. Davie was recorded by Hamish Henderson in Dundee and Edinburgh over a period of years between 1954 and 1962. This album was originally… read more

Dick Gaughan - Redwood Cathedral

 — Guitar & Mandolin — Solo Singers & Songwriters — CD — CDTRAX158

Dick has been on the road as a professional musician for over 25 years and has developed into one of the most respected and sought-after musicians in the UK, with regular nationwide tours in addition to foreign tours. Dick was a member of the Boys of the Lough in the early ‘70s, he made in 1980… read more

Jim Malcolm - Rohallion

 — Solo Singers & Songwriters — Stream or Download only — CDTRAX150

An album of mostly Jim Malcolm’s own songs recorded in his early days before he joined Old Blind Dogs for a spell, later moving on to carve a very successful solo career for himself. Jim is an excellent singer and songwriter. The Rohallion Trio consisted of Jim plus Dave Watt and Iain MacFadyen,… read more

Ian Bruce - Hodden Grey

 — Solo Singers & Songwriters — Stream or Download only — CDTRAX156

Ian Bruce is arguably one of the best singers in Scotland, and has also gone on to be a fine songwriter, although this album is mainly Scottish traditional songs. The album is dedicated to his father, John (Jack) H Bruce, who was at one time the Pipe Major of The London Scottish Regiment, known for… read more

Robin Laing - The Angels’ Share

 — Solo Singers & Songwriters — CD — CDTRAX137

Robin Laing is one of the most thoughtful and gifted voices of the Scottish folk revival. He has also established himself as a whisky taster and is much in demand in that field. This is the first of four albums on the subject of whisky by Robin and is a wonderful collection of songs and a couple of… read more

Gordeanna McCulloch - In Freenship’s Name

 — Solo Singers & Songwriters — Stream or Download only — CDTRAX123

One of Scotland’s great traditional voices Gordeanna McCulloch singing her favourite songs, accompanied by Billy Jackson, Stuart Morison, Charlie Soane, Dougie Pincock and Brian Miller. Sadly Gordeanna passed away in 2019 but she had a voice which was strong and individual. She is sorely missed in… read more

Eric Bogle - Small Miracles

 — Special Offers — Solo Singers & Songwriters — CD — CDTRAX130

Ex-pat Scot Eric Bogle is recognised in Australia as one of their most significant songwriters, and he has numerous awards to prove it! He is of course best known for his songs No Man’s Land and The Band Played Waltzing Matilda but he has written and recorded dozens of equally popular songs on… read more

Eric Bogle and John Munro - The Emigrant And The Exile

 — Solo Singers & Songwriters — CD — CDTRAX121

This joint Australian/Scottish project was the first of its kind to be released by Greentrax, and the second release in celebration of the Greentrax 10th Anniversary in 1996. The idea of an Australian/Scottish album was suggested to Eric Bogle by Ian Green. Eric and John Munro, aided and abetted by… read more

The Cast - Colours Of Lichen

 — £6 Stock Clearance CDs — Fiddle — Solo Singers & Songwriters — CD — CUL109D

Traditional Scottish and Cape Breton tunes are skilfully blended with some of The Cast’s original songs. Mairi Campbell (voice, viola, fiddle) and Dave Francis (guitar, voice). “The Cast have proven that subtlety and restraint are weapons that, when used correctly, are a lethal combination. A… read more

Adam McNaughtan - Last Stand At Mount Florida

 — Solo Singers & Songwriters — CD — CDTRAX120

In 1996 the legendary Glasgow songwriter Adam McNaughtan went into the recording studio and recorded a new batch of songs for Greentrax, mostly his own work but some by other songwriters. Adam is a genius among songwriters and while he may be best known for his humorous compositions there is also a… read more

Rod Paterson - Sings Burns

 — Robert Burns — Solo Singers & Songwriters — Stream or Download only — CDTRAX117

Songs From The Bottom Drawer. Rod Paterson is arguably the finest contemporary interpreter of Burns songs and one of the best Scottish male singers. Rod has been the lead singer in several Edinburgh bands, most notably Jock Tamson’s Bairns and The Easy Club. Burns favourites are all here, and Rod gathered together his… read more

Jean Redpath - Songs Of Robert Burns vols 5 & 6

 — Robert Burns — Solo Singers & Songwriters — CD — CDTRAX116

This album contains the fifth and sixth volumes in the series The Songs of Robert Burns, as researched and arranged by the late composer Serge Hovey and sung by the late Jean Redpath MBE, one of Scotland’s foremost interpreters of traditional song. It is part of a project that was planned to… read more

Jean Redpath - Songs Of Robert Burns vols 3 & 4

 — Robert Burns — Solo Singers & Songwriters — CD — CDTRAX115

This album contains the third and fourth volumes in the series The Songs of Robert Burns, as researched and arranged by the late composer Serge Hovey and sung by the late Jean Redpath MBE, one of Scotland’s foremost interpreters of traditional song. It is part of a project that was planned to… read more

Jean Redpath - Songs Of Robert Burns vols 1 & 2

 — 2020 Top 20 — Robert Burns — Solo Singers & Songwriters — CD — CDTRAX114

This album contains the first two volumes in the series The Songs of Robert Burns, as researched and arranged by the late composer Serge Hovey and sung by the late Jean Redpath MBE, one of Scotland’s foremost interpreters of traditional song. It is part of a project that was planned to document… read more

Dick Gaughan - Sail On

 — Guitar & Mandolin — Solo Singers & Songwriters — CD — CDTRAX109

When Dick Gaughan signed to Greentrax in 1996, MD Ian Green was over the moon. They had been friends for years, since Ian’s involvement in the Police Folk Club (Fuzzfolk), and when Greentrax was launched in 1986, Dick was at the top of Ian’s ‘wants list’. Dick stayed with Greentrax and… read more

Kevin Mitchell - I Sang That Sweet Refrain

 — £6 Stock Clearance CDs — Solo Singers & Songwriters — CD — CDTRAX108

Kevin Mitchell is an Ulsterman, later living in Glasgow, with a repertoire of Irish songs and a style which both bear witness to where his heart lies. A wonderful interpreter of traditional song, this is an impressive collection of mainly Irish songs by Kevin. He was a member of the impressive… read more

Brian McNeill - No Gods

 — Solo Singers & Songwriters — CD — CDTRAX098

This, Brian McNeill’s second Greentrax album, was a really big production. The title of the album is from the first track - No Gods And Precious Few Heroes - later to be recorded by Brian’s buddy, Dick Gaughan. There is mix of both new songs and powerful instrumentals, all by Brian, as you might… read more

Sheena Wellington - Strong Women

 — £6 Stock Clearance CDs — Solo Singers & Songwriters — CD — CDTRAX094

Live At Nitten Folk Club. Sheena Wellington is a highly regarded Scottish traditional-style singer and her reputation increased dramatically when she was invited to sing the Burns classic A Man’s A Man at the official opening of the Scottish Parliament on 1st July 1999. This live track can be heard on her second Greentrax… read more