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1986-2021: Celebrating Scotland's Music for 35 Years

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cover image for Far, Far From Ypres (Set)

Far, Far From Ypres (Set)

 — Special Offers — Wars & Battles — Vocal Groups — CD — Double CD — DVD — YPRES-SET

CD & DVD. Double CD: Far, Far From Ypres - Songs, Poems & Music Of World War One​ DVD: Far, Far From Ypres - The Concert Get both Far, Far From Ypres titles for a discounted price. read more

cover image for Far, Far From Ypres

Far, Far From Ypres

 — 2019 Top 20 — 2018 Top 20 — Wars & Battles — Vocal Groups — DVD — DVTRAX2024

The Concert DVD. Buy the Far, Far From Ypres CD and Concert DVD together as a set, for a discounted price. The critically-acclaimed multimedia production of a Scot’s journey to the Western Front in World War One in songs, music and poems. This concert was recorded in front of a capacity audience in the Victoria… read more

cover image for Ian Bruce and Ian Walker - Born To Rottenrow

Ian Bruce and Ian Walker - Born To Rottenrow

 — Vocal Groups — CD — DVD — DVTRAX2023

CD & DVD Set. Ian Bruce and Ian Walker are well known singers and songwriters in their own right, and were in fact a hardworking duo some years back, but then decided to go their own solo ways. Recently the duo re-formed under the name Bruce & Walker and have been gigging around Scotland and beyond, causing… read more

cover image for The McCalmans 1964-2010

The McCalmans 1964-2010

 — Vocal Groups — DVD — MACSDVD131

Final Concert Uncut & The Good Old Days DVD. EXTRAS (Videos, Camcorders, 8mm, dubious quality): THE QUIET STUFF Seagull Cry (Ian McCalman) * Mothers Daughters Wives (Judy Small) * Green Grow the Rashes (Robert Burns) * The Last Leviathan (Andy Barnes) * Kirsteen (Trad). SESSIONS, INTROS and FAST SONGS The Holly She Bears A Berry * Lucky Puppy… read more

cover image for Eric Bogle - Live At Stonyfell Winery

Eric Bogle - Live At Stonyfell Winery

 — 2020 Top 20 — Solo Singers & Songwriters — DVD — DVTRAX2022

DVD. A live performance DVD recording made at Stonyfell Winery, Adelaide, Australia - this is Eric Bogle’s first and (he says) last DVD. Including additional interview material. UK television has never recorded a documentary of this ‘Scottish son’ . This DVD containing many of Eric’s most popular… read more

cover image for The Occasionals - The Full Set

The Occasionals - The Full Set

 — 2019 Top 20 — Accordion & Melodeon — Ceilidh & Scottish Dance Bands — CD — DVD — DVTRAX2021

CD & DVD Set. Basic Scottish Ceilidh Dances This is The Occasionals’ sixth album and, as the title suggests, this one really is The Full Set. It features: new music on audio CD for the twelve most popular Scottish ceilidh dances (recorded in the studio) written dance instructions in a booklet a DVD video of… read more


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