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1986-2024: Celebrating Scotland's Music for 38 years

Ian Green: 1934-2024

The Glencraig Scottish Dance Band - Ah’m Dancin’

 — Accordion & Melodeon — Ceilidh & Scottish Dance Bands — CD — CDTRAX369

Vol 4 - Old Time Dances This is the final album in a series of four by the much-loved Glencraig Scottish Dance Band. The series covers all the Scottish dance formats that the Glencraig Band perform - The Ceilidh, The Reel Party, Scottish Country Dances and Old Time Dances. The previous three albums… read more

The Occasionals - Birling

 — Accordion & Melodeon — Ceilidh & Scottish Dance Bands — Stream or Download only — CDTRAX371

The Occasionals ceilidh band started in 1986, featuring a number of great musical friends. Over time it naturally distilled into the quartet of musicians heard here on this, their seventh recording: Freeland Barbour, Ian Hardie, Kevin MacLeod and Gus Millar. This album is a celebration of 25 years… read more

The Glencraig Scottish Dance Band - Ah’m Askin’

 — Accordion & Melodeon — Ceilidh & Scottish Dance Bands — CD — CDTRAX355

Vol 3 - Scottish Country Dances Lively dance tracks from the ever-popular Glencraig Band, led by Nicol McLaren. A fine six-piece band with lots of ‘oomph’ and plenty of lift, featuring two accordions, fiddle, piano, bass and drums. This is the third album in a series of four, focussing this time… read more

The Glencraig Scottish Dance Band - Are Ye Askin’?

 — Accordion & Melodeon — Ceilidh & Scottish Dance Bands — CD — CDTRAX315

Vol 2 - The Reel Party The Glencraig Scottish Dance Band, led by Nicol McLaren, capture the mood and feeling of the traditional Reel Party. With full dance instructions by Karin Ingram, this is essential material for all who enjoy Reeling! Winners of The National Association of Accordion &… read more

Ceilidh Minogue

 — Ceilidh & Scottish Dance Bands — Stream or Download only — CDTRAX304

With one of the most mischievous band names around, Ceilidh Minogue has developed over the last eight years as one of Scotland’s best known and most popular ceilidh bands, playing to audiences and dancers throughout the UK, and as far afield as Dubai, Tunisia and Lithuania. Ceilidh Minogue offer… read more

The Glencraig Scottish Dance Band - Are Ye Dancin’?

 — Accordion & Melodeon — Ceilidh & Scottish Dance Bands — CD — CDTRAX303

Vol 1 - The Ceilidh The Glencraig Scottish Dance Band was formed in 1983 when Nicol McLaren, then a salesman in Blairgowrie, was asked by a customer if he could put together a band for a church social. From that gig came another half dozen bookings and the Glencraig SDB was born. The band was named… read more

The Occasionals - Down To The Hall

 — Accordion & Melodeon — Ceilidh & Scottish Dance Bands — Stream or Download only — CDTRAX289

The Occasionals are widely regarded as one of the foremost ceilidh dance bands. They have a huge reputation around the Scottish dance scene, and have been playing for dancing the length and breadth of Europe since 1986. Great dancing nights are still to be found in halls around Scotland, where… read more

The Occasionals - Reel Of Four

 — Accordion & Melodeon — Ceilidh & Scottish Dance Bands — Stream or Download only — CDTRAX259

Tremendous sets from the top ceilidh dance band. A selection of sets for Scottish Ceilidh dancing, featuring a range of traditional and contemporary tunes, with some new compositions by Freeland Barbour and Ian Hardie. Written information about the tunes and dances is included. Featuring Freeland… read more

Ceilidh Band Music Of Scotland

 — £6 Stock Clearance CDs — Celtic Collections — Ceilidh & Scottish Dance Bands — CD — CDGMP8003

Celtic Collections vol 3. A collection of the best Ceilidh and Scottish Dance Bands, including The Occasionals, The Craig McCallum Dance Band, Fergie MacDonald, Thulbion and more. The tracks showcase a varied selection of dances and tunes. The Greentrax Recordings budget label (Celtic Collections) tracks were selected from… read more

The Occasionals - Live

 — Accordion & Melodeon — Ceilidh & Scottish Dance Bands — Stream or Download only — CDTRAX184

From The Music Hall, Aberdeen. One of Scotland’s most popular ceilidh bands The Occasionals, recorded live in November 1998. Freeland Barbour (accordion), Ian Hardie (fiddle), Kevin MacLeod (banjo) and Gus Millar (drums). A more compact line-up for this live album, when Ian Hardie replaced Mairi Campbell on fiddle and became a… read more

The Cullivoe Band with Willie Hunter - Willie’s Last Session

 — Ceilidh & Scottish Dance Bands — Fiddle — CD — CDTRAX186

Willie Hunter’s last recording before his death in 1994, with The Cullivoe Dance Band: Ivor Scollay (accordion), Gordon Jamieson (accordion), Margaret Couper (piano), Alan Scollay (bass guitar), Victor Jamieson (bass guitar) and Ian Tulloch (drums). Cullivoe is a crofting and fishing community at… read more

Fergie MacDonald - The 21st Album

 — Accordion & Melodeon — Ceilidh & Scottish Dance Bands — Stream or Download only — CDTRAX129

On this, his 21st album, Fergie MacDonald surrounded himself with an array of mainly younger musicians and, with Phil Cunningham in the producer’s chair, a wonderfully punchy, toe-tapping record has come out. Greentrax was delighted to welcome the great Fergie MacDonald on to the label, adding… read more

The Occasionals - Back In Step

 — Accordion & Melodeon — Ceilidh & Scottish Dance Bands — Stream or Download only — CDTRAX107

The Complete Scottish Ceilidh Dance vol 2. The hard working and favourite Scottish ceilidh/dance band The Occasionals includes founder and ace accordionist Freeland Barbour, Runrig’s lead guitarist Malcolm Jones, Mairi Campbell (fiddle, viola), stringed maestro Kevin MacLeod (tenor banjo, mandolin, octave mandolin, guitar), Neil MacMillan… read more

The Craig McCallum Scottish Dance Band - In A Different Light

 — £6 Stock Clearance CDs — Accordion & Melodeon — Ceilidh & Scottish Dance Bands — CD — CDTRAX037

Robbie Shepherd wrote a sleeve note for this album and one of his comments was: “The lift is there for dancing feet and the lilt is there for discerning ears.” This was the first Scottish dance band signed to Greentrax, in 1990, and it was a cracker. The then young Craig McCallum was already… read more