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1986-2024: Celebrating Scotland's Music for 38 years

Ian Green: 1934-2024

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15 tracks: Grand March * Reel of The 51st Division * Hamilton House * Canadian Barn Dance * Virginia Reel * Eightsome Reel * Foursome Reel * St Bernard’s Waltz * Dashing White Sergeant * Britannia Two-Step * Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh * Glasgow Highlanders * Duke of Perth * Postie’s Jig * Mairi’s Wedding.


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The Glencraig Scottish Dance Band - Are Ye Askin’?

Vol 2 - The Reel Party

The Glencraig Scottish Dance Band, led by Nicol McLaren, capture the mood and feeling of the traditional Reel Party. With full dance instructions by Karin Ingram, this is essential material for all who enjoy Reeling!

Winners of The National Association of Accordion & Fiddle Clubs’ award CD Of The Year 2007 with their debut Greentrax album The Ceilidh - Are Ye Dancin’? (CDTRAX303)

Nicol McLaren (lead accordion), Isobelle Hodgson (piano), Gordon Howe (fiddle), Neil Caul (2nd accordion), John Sinton (double bass) and David Bell (drums).

There are many different styles of Scottish Dance (Ceilidh, Reeling, Scottish Country Dance and Old Time are just four of them) and each requires a different nuance from the music to complement the dance. This is the challenge set every night for Scottish dance bands, to arrange and select sets of tunes that not only fit the bars of the dance, but also suit the style of the dance of the evening.

Formed in 1983, The Glencraig Band has been performing for over twenty years and is one of the few bands that specialises in playing for all types of Scottish Social Dancing. Their leader, Nicol McLaren, has always been passionate about set construction and arrangements to match the dance and maximise the interest and enjoyment of dancer, listener and musician alike.

The Glencraig Band is one of the most popular throughout the UK and far beyond. The wide musical range (a reflection of their considerable individual talents) and a really tight band sound make them equally at home anywhere from a village hall Ceilidh to Caledonian Balls in the Middle East and Russia, to RSCDS Balls from Aviemore to Australia.

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