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1986-2022: Celebrating Scotland's Music for 36 years

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news article for Tony McManus & Julia Toaspern and Ian Bruce performances

Posted: 29th April 2022

Tony McManus & Julia Toaspern commence a very extensive tour of the UK on May 5th and continue right through to June 30th, with some free dates during these two months. The duo’s album Live In Concert continues to sell well. More information on the tour at Tony McManus’ tour dates page or from Stoneyport Associates.

Ian Bruce continues a busy touring schedule, with gigs in England at the moment. More information at Ian Bruce’s future concert dates page. Ian’s latest album on Greentrax is Ian Bruce & The Tartan Spiders - Young Territorial.

Ian Green’s Pick Of The Month is Eric Bogle - By Request, a compilation of Eric’s most requested and popular songs of his early years. Available at the sale price of £11.00 throughout May. See all available Eric Bogle albums on Greentrax listed in our Solo Singers & Songwriters section.

news article for Dougie Mackenzie & Brian Miller performances

Posted: 8th April 2022

Dougie Mackenzie & Brian Miller have a short tour in April, and some performances later in the year:

Scots traditional and other songs.

See Dougie Mackenzie’s Facebook page and Brian Miller’s page on Temple Records.

Posted: 30th March 2022

More deleted catalogue items were recently returned to us by one of our distributors, so an amended and extensive list of £6 Stock Clearance CDs are available for immediate despatch.

The latest Eric Bogle album The Source Of Light continues to sell well and has had brilliant reviews.

The exciting Kyle Warren album Relentless is now confirmed for 1st July release.

Ian Green’s Pick Of The Month is Brian McNeill - The Back O’ The North Wind, Brian’s ground-breaking first solo album for Greentrax after leaving Battlefield Band. Available at the sale price of £11.00 throughout April. See all available Brian McNeill albums on Greentrax listed in our Solo Singers & Songwriters section.

We apologise for any delay in responding to emails and calls during the week ending 25th March. This was due to Elaine being on holiday and Ian having to isolate for a few days. Normal service is now resumed.

news article for March 2022 News

Posted: 28th February 2022

Kyle Warren’s next album Relentless is now almost ready for the pressing plant and is scheduled for release on 1st July 2022. Produced by Stevie Lawrence, it is a high energy and exciting album from the four-time World Piping Champion.

The recent Eric Bogle - The Source of Light album is going well, especially on mail order. We at Greentrax think this is Eric’s best recorded work for some time.

We are also getting good feedback on the Hamish Henderson Tribute vol 2 - Ballad Of The Banffies album. Produced by Dr Fred Freeman, it includes various fine singers and musicians and mainly features the work of Dr Hamish Henderson.

Ian Green’s Pick Of The Month is Tony McManus and Julia Toaspern - Live In Concert. These two extremely talented guitarists are in complete harmony. They will undertake an extensive tour of the UK (28 gigs) in May and June 2022 - venues and dates will be published in the forthcoming Rock ‘n’ Reel (RnR) magazine. Get the album before then and enjoy outstanding music. Available at the sale price of £11.00 throughout March. See all available Tony McManus albums on Greentrax listed in our Guitar & Mandolin section.

news article for Music samples of album tracks

Posted: 9th February 2022

Hear samples from Eric Bogle’s latest album The Source Of Light

​We’ve now published music samples from most of our album tracks. Just look for the player under the Listen heading, and use the buttons for:

> play
II pause
< back one track
> forward one track

Samples of new releases will be published in advance of their official release date, so you can pre-order here at with confidence.

We expect to increase the number of samples from our back catalogue titles soon.

If you have an account with Apple Music, Spotify or Deezer, you can also log in there to listen to other samples of albums, or stream or download full tracks where available. See each title’s page for links.