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14 tracks: The Bonnie Wee Lassie’s Answer * The January Man * Willie o’ Winsbury * The Rigs o’ Rye * Erin Go Bragh * Jack Frost * The Dowie Dens o’ Yarrow * Here’s a Health to All True Lovers * Ned o’ the Hill * Queen Amang the Heather * The Bonny Light Horseman * Mill o’ Tifty’s Annie * The Wild Rover * The Parting Glass.


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Dougie Mackenzie - Along The Way

Dougie Mackenzie sang mostly Gaelic songs in his youth but was introduced to folk song at the famed Inverness Folk Club run by Duncan MacLennan, who mentored Dougie and gave him numerous songs.

Dougie is drawn to Scots ballad language and the stories it carries to us from the past. He lists many influences and sources, including Jimmy Hutchison, Gordeanna McCulloch, Norman Kennedy, Margie Sinclair, The Gaugers, Jeannie Robertson, Lizzie Higgins, Bob Blair, Adam McNaughtan, Ann Neilson and the The Stewart Family of Blairgowrie.

Dougie is well-known from appearances at many Scottish and English festivals over the years and has won many traditional singing competitions including Keith, Falkland, Kirriemuir and Aberdeen.

On this, his debut CD, Dougie is accompanied on several songs by Brian Miller, a Scottish guitarist with performing and recording credits including with his daughter Siobhan Miller, The Occasionals, The Singing Kettle, Tom Paxton and Arthur Johnstone. More recently Brian was in the cast of Far, Far From Ypres. Siobhan Miller adds backing vocals along with Ian McCalman, Charlie Milne, George Archibald and Ken McNaughton (referred to in the notes as The Kevock Chorus).

The album was recorded and produced by Ian McCalman at his Kevock Studio and he passed on a copy of the master to Ian Green for a listen. Ian was so impressed with the singing and the selection of songs, plus the quality of the recording, that he immediately contacted Dougie and invited him to join the Greentrax label. Dougie was delighted.

The album includes several traditional ballads and songs: The Bonny Wee Lassie’s Answer, Willie o’ Winsbury, Rigs o’ Rye, Erin Go Bragh, Dowie Dens o’ Yarrow, Here’s a Health to all True Lovers, Ned o’ The Hill, Queen Amang The Heather, The Bonny Light Horseman, Mill o’ Tifty’s Annie, The Wild Rover, The Parting Glass. It also includes the Dave Goulder classic The January Man, and Jack Frost from the pen of the great Mike Waterson.

Dougie’s voice is warm and he has great feeling for the songs. It is wonderful to hear his interpretation of some of the great ballads and traditional songs, some of which are so seldom heard these days, and also the more recent songs. This is a most refreshing album and leaves you wondering why Dougie has left it so long to go into the recording studio. We at Greentrax love it, we hope you do.

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