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14 tracks: Si Bheag Si Mhor / Planxty Irwin / The Munster Cloak / The Kerry Slide * She Moved Through The Fair * Nancy / Sir John Fenwick * Jamie Rayburn * Hector The Hero / Hector The Hero * The Frost Is All Over / Off To California / The Rakes of Kildare / The Drops of Brandy * McCrimmond’s Lament / My Home * Ian and June Green - The Golden Years * O Gin I Were A Baron’s Heir * The Cradle Song / The Rowan Tree / The Rowan Tree / Lord Lovat’s Lament * The Lark in The Clear Air / The Mountains of Pomeroy * The Boat Songs: The Mingulay Boat Song / The Tay Boat Song / The Skye Boat Song * The Flo’er O’ The Quern / Sandy’s Goat / Madame Bonaparte / The Scholar * The Dill Pickle Rag


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Tom Ward - Cobbled Together

Tom Ward plays concertina, guitar, small pipes and whistle on this album, and also sings on a couple of tracks. Brian Miller guests on guitar on one track.

Tom started strumming the guitar when he was a teenager but later developed a love of the concertina, which became his instrument of choice. He went on to buy several concertinas, including a bass concertina which he bought from Ronnie Browne of The Corries and is the one Tom plays on the final track of the album.

Tom is a latecomer to the pipes and says he is still learning the basics of playing them. He is even more of a latecomer to the whistle which he bought specifically to play on the track She Moved Through The Fair.

Over the years Tom has played a variety of concertinas for different purposes and in different line-ups, too numerous to mention but including a duo with fiddle ace Chuck Fleming.

Tom is a highly regarded musician on the Scottish folk scene where he is a leading exponent of the concertina. He has taught the instrument to various musicians and has been invited to festivals to do workshops on the concertina.

The album was recorded in Kitchen Table Studios, Edinburgh, but Brian Miller’s guitar on Dill Pickle Rag was recorded at Back Room Studios, Penicuik. Sleeve design by John Slavin of Designfolk. Photographs for front cover and inlay by Tom Ward. Tom also produced the album.

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