Greentrax Recordings
Greentrax Recordings

1986-2022: Celebrating Scotland's Music for 36 years

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Far, Far From Ypres (Set)

 — Special Offers — Wars & Battles — Vocal Groups — CD — Double CD — DVD — YPRES-SET

CD & DVD. Double CD: Far, Far From Ypres - Songs, Poems & Music Of World War One​ DVD: Far, Far From Ypres - The Concert Get both Far, Far From Ypres titles for a discounted price. read more

Keltik Elektrik - Hogmanay Party

 — Special Offers — Keltik Elektrik — Bands — CD — Triple CD — KELTIK

3CD Set. Hogmanay (Scottish New Year - in case you didn’t know!) has always been a big thing in Edinburgh. For years people would gather at the Tron Kirk in the High Street to await the midnight chimes, but recently this traditional event has grown into a major international celebration with visitors… read more

Gary West - Voicing Scotland

 — Special Offers — Book — VOICING

Folk, Culture, Nation (book). Voicing Scotland takes the reader on a discovery tour through Scotland’s traditional music and song culture, past and present. West unravels the strings that link many of our contemporary musicians, singers and poets with those of the past, offering up to our ears these voices which deserve to be… read more

Ian Green - Fuzz To Folk

 — Special Offers — Book — FUZZTOFOLK

Trax Of My Life (book). The autobiography of Ian Green, the policeman who founded the successful independent Scottish record label Greentrax Recordings. 2011 marks the 25th anniversary of Scotland’s leading folk record label Greentrax Recordings, an important milestone in the impressively varied and colourful life of… read more

The McCalmans - Where The Sky Meets The Sea

 — Special Offers — Vocal Groups — CD — CDTRAX232

The McCalmans continue their emphasis on strong harmony vocals, with their first album since 1999’s Keepers. This recording reflects their Summer tours of the Highlands, with songs of fishing boats and harbours, farms and battlefields. Stephen Quigg replaces Derek Moffat, whose untimely death in… read more

Eric Bogle - Small Miracles

 — Special Offers — Solo Singers & Songwriters — CD — CDTRAX130

Ex-pat Scot Eric Bogle is recognised in Australia as one of their most significant songwriters, and he has numerous awards to prove it! He is of course best known for his songs No Man’s Land and The Band Played Waltzing Matilda but he has written and recorded dozens of equally popular songs on… read more

The McCalmans - Festival Lights

 — Special Offers — Vocal Groups — CD — CDTRAX097

Recorded Live at the Edinburgh International Festival Fringe. The McCalmans are Ian McCalman, Nick Keir and Derek Moffat on this album. It was recorded live at the Edinburgh International Festival by Kevock Digital Mobile. The audience were not advised that the performance was being recorded so there is no fake audience participation. This is The Macs in full… read more

Eric Bogle - I Wrote This Wee Song

 — Special Offers — Solo Singers & Songwriters — CD — Double CD — CDTRAX082D

“This double CD has 25 tracks and is a showcase of the work of one of the finest songwriters of the modern age. Eric Bogle has written hundreds of songs of which very few fail to grab either the head the heart or the laugh muscles. He is one of the great unknowns for many people. They love his… read more

Heather Heywood - By Yon Castle Wa’

 — Special Offers — Solo Singers & Songwriters — CD — CDTRAX054

Heather Heywood one of the best Scottish women singers and said by some as ‘the best’. This was her second album for Greentrax and was again a mix of traditional and contemporary songs. Accompaniment was provided by Brian McNeill (fiddle, guitar, concertina, bouzouki - he also produced), Dougie… read more