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Ian Green: 1934-2024

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Ian Green - Fuzz To Folk

The autobiography of Ian Green, the policeman who founded the successful independent Scottish record label Greentrax Recordings.

2011 marks the 25th anniversary of Scotland’s leading folk record label Greentrax Recordings, an important milestone in the impressively varied and colourful life of founder Ian Green. In Fuzz To Folk, Ian chronicles his 76 years of life thus far, from National Service call-up to regular Army Service, to 30 years as a policeman and finally to founder of Greentrax, Scotland’s leading traditional music label.

This inspirational autobiography relates many tales, from running away from his father’s bagpipe-playing as a child, though his difficult school years, sporting success in cycle speedway, to Japan and Korea where he served in the Army. With his unique insight, the book is also a fascinating glimpse into the life of a policeman on the street. He subsequently earnt his place at the top of the Scottish folk scene through involvement with the careers of Brian McNeill, Dick Gaughan, The McCalmans, Eric Bogle and many others, and has played a significant role in the resurgence and vitality of traditional and folk music in Scotland.

An uplifting story of what can be achieved through passion and determination. Told with honesty and candour, the tale of Green’s countless escapades makes for a fascinating and highly entertaining read, and provides a unique insight into the current social and cultural scene of Scottish folk.

“Since first meeting Ian Green at the Edinburgh Police Folk Club (Fuzzfolk) during my early teens, I’ve watched a man who has worked tirelessly to turn his passion into a profession, a dedicated, caring individual who has frequently risked all to promote the music and musicians he believes in. The Greentrax Empire has grown, but it’s not really an empire - it’s more like one huge, happy family with a proud and beaming father figure watching over it…” (Phil Cunningham MBE)

“You know he would put his hand in the fire for you - that’s Ian Green…” (Brian McNeill)

“Ian has brought much to the indigenous culture of Scotland through his different activities…” (John Barrow)

“A man whose personal integrity and passion for the music are only two of the reasons why I admire him tremendously…” (Eric Bogle)

“I’m thoroughly enjoying the book - a rollicking good read and a great insight into a remarkable life…” (Scott Murray, Sangsters)

“Just wanted to say how I am enjoying Fuzz To Folk. What I like is the chatty way you have of telling the stories…” (Fiona J Mackenzie, Gaelic singer)

“Just wanted to say congratulations on the book which I’ve really enjoyed reading. Your account (of the Police) gives something of the flavour of the time…” (Dave Francis, The Cast & Scottish Music Forum)

“I am enjoying the book immensely. It gives a real insight into your life. It was poignant in parts and also very funny. A very well-written book, written with honesty…” (Mary K Burke, Celtic Music Radio)

“I very much look forward to reading the book…” (Robbie Shepherd, BBC Radio Scotland)

“Well done in yet another accomplishment of writing your first book…” (Sandy Brechin, musician)

“An excellent book, written with great honesty…” (Bruce MacGregor, BBC Radio Scotland’s Music Café)

“This an exceptionally fine read and I love your pawky anecdotes. Well done, Ian…” (Ian McCalman, The McCalmans)

“What a book. Never have I read an autobiography which combined a mix of sometimes very personal information, plugs for products and rumbustious criticism of people and organisations who have displeased you. I read it in three days, including one night when I couldn’t put it down until 2am. A great read. Try to take care of yourself as well as Scotland’s music because there is only one of you…” (John Calder, Local Radio Keith)

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