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1986-2024: Celebrating Scotland's Music for 38 years

Ian Green: 1934-2024

Tom Ward - Cobbled Together

 — £6 Stock Clearance CDs — 2023 Top 20 — More Instrumental — CD — CDTRAX417

Tom Ward plays concertina, guitar, small pipes and whistle on this album, and also sings on a couple of tracks. Brian Miller guests on guitar on one track. Tom started strumming the guitar when he was a teenager but later developed a love of the concertina, which became his instrument of choice. He… read more

James Ross

 — £6 Stock Clearance CDs — More Instrumental — CD — CDTRAX284

Pianist James Ross studied at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, Glasgow, and graduated with a BA in Scottish Music in 2000. He then completed the MA in Traditional Irish Music Preformance in 2001, studying piano under Professor Michael O’Suilleabhain at the University of Limerick,… read more

Rob MacKillop - The Healing

 — More Instrumental — Stream or Download only — CDTRAX227

The music on this album from Rob MacKillop is made up of original versions of tunes found in the Scottish lute and cittern manuscripts of the 17th century, arrangements of tunes from the 18th and 20th centuries, and new pieces composed in 2001. Rob is a master of the 12-course lute, cittern, mandour… read more

Hamish Moore & Dick Lee - The Bees Knees

 — £6 Stock Clearance CDs — Bagpipes — More Instrumental — CD — CDTRAX202

Hamish Moore & Dick Lee’s groundbreaking album was originally released in 1990, when this unique fusion of folk and jazz burst forth on the Scottish music scene. At the time both Hamish and Dick were independently experimenting with other musicians and line-ups, and there are items included on… read more

Jack Evans - Once Upon A Time In The North

 — £6 Stock Clearance CDs — More Instrumental — CD — CDTRAX192

Featuring Mairi Campbell and Jenny Gardner. This is a gem from the very talented Jack Evans who was a member of several bands, including the legendary Jock Tamson’s Bairns. Jack is a multi-instrumentalist and a clever arranger and producer (several albums for Greentrax). It was Jack who produced the Keltik Elektrik series of recordings,… read more

The Caledonian Companion

 — £6 Stock Clearance CDs — Fiddle — More Instrumental — CD — CDTRAX9051

Instrumental Music From Scotland. This is a gem and goes by, to some extent, unnoticed. That is a shame because this album is full of now almost unheard-of giants of the traditional music scene. Charlie Bremner and John Grant show off their talents on the fiddle, Willie Fraser plays some gems on the now rather neglected mouth organ,… read more

Rob MacKillop - Flowers Of The Forest

 — More Instrumental — Stream or Download only — CDTRAX155

With pieces from the Balcarres, Skene, Millar/McAlman, Straloch, Wemyss and MacKillop Manuscripts. Rob MacKillop plays some very unusual instruments and specialises in Scottish traditional music of the 17th century and beyond for lute, mandour, cittern and guitar. This album demonstrates the… read more

Donald Black - Westwinds

 — More Instrumental — Stream or Download only — CDTRAX091

Scottish Mouthorgan Music. Mouth organ maestro Donald Black’s debut album, recorded in Pier House Studios and produced by Dougie Pincock. Session musicians include Nan MacIver (piano), Malcolm Jones of Runrig (guitar), Alistair McCulloch (fiddle), Martin McHugh (accordion, bodhran) and Dougie Pincock (Highland bagpipe,… read more

Ceilidh House Sessions

 — Compilations — Fiddle — More Instrumental — Solo Singers & Songwriters — Stream or Download only — CDTRAX5002

From The Tron Tavern, Edinburgh. These were the regular session people in the Tron Tavern, Edinburgh, including the owner Cy Lawrie. There are some weel kent names there and a couple of groups who were at the forefront in Edinburgh in the 1990s: Seannachie and Palaver. Various instruments are featured including banjo, fiddle and… read more

Dougie Pincock - Something Blew

 — Bagpipes — More Instrumental — Stream or Download only — CDTRAX080

A solo album by Dougie Pincock, not long after leaving Battlefield Band. On the album Dougie plays the Highland bagpipe, Scottish small pipes, whistles, flute, low whistle, soprano, alto and tenor saxophones, bodhran and sequence programming. He is accompanied by a number of outstanding musicians… read more

Hamish Moore and Dick Lee - Farewell to Decorum

 — Bagpipes — More Instrumental — Stream or Download only — CDTRAX063

This was in Hamish Moore’s days of experimenting with an exciting fusion of Scottish smallpipes and Border pipes, with jazz musician Dick Lee on saxophone and other wind instruments. The music was breathtaking. The duo was joined in the studio by the late Michael Marra, who produced and played… read more

Lindsay Porteous and Friends - Portrait of a Scottish Jew’s-Harp Player

 — More Instrumental — Stream or Download only — CDTRAX022

The Jew’s-Harp was at one time known as the Trump and has also been referred to as a Jaw’s-Harp. Some say that, through Jewish street traders selling them in vast quantities in past centuries, the name became corrupted to Jew’s-Trump and later to Jew’s-Harp. Little is known of its Scottish… read more