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January 1993
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​11 tracks: Third Movement Of Concerto For Bagpipes And Jazz Orchestra * Autumn Returns * Galician Jigs * The Cat’s Pyjamas / The Mental Blockade * Farewell To Nigg * Resolution No 9 * Ye Banks And Braes / Malts On The Optics / Farewell To Decorum * Round Dawn * Forest Lodge / Primrose Lass / Miss Girdle * The Monster * 12-12-92 A March For Democracy / The Freedom Come All Ye

“A good producer always heats the pot first, then into the jungle with Hamish and Dick, Specky Knobbage and a thousand switches, hunders of k-bytes and old heiroglyphics, battling monsters and mounted polis to rescue the pipes from the warlords and hurl the blues at the sun and moon. These sessions were precious. Sometimes I left my shoes at the door. The players all excelled in skill and spirit and the music was an adventure. All this is as it should be, and long may these men hurl.”
(Michael Marra, producer)

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