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15 tracks: Refugee * One Small Life * Plastic Paddy * Welcome Home * Flat Stony Broke Waltz * Vanya * Don’t You Worry About That * Mirrors * The Song * Big (In a Small Way) * At Risk * Never Again - Remember * Somewhere in America * Wouldn’t Be Dead for Quids * Wishing Is Free


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Eric Bogle - Mirrors

Eric Bogle’s third album for Greentrax, with accompaniment from buddy John Munro (guitar), Brent Miller (bass guitar), Andy McGloin (guitars), Ian Blake (synthesiser, soprano sax), Trev Warner (banjo, fiddle) and others.

A collection of fine songs with Refugee, One Small Star, Plastic Paddy, Welcome Home, Vanya, Never Again Remember as standouts.

One of the all-time great songwriters, a Scot now living in Australia. Australia’s gain, our loss but we have his albums.

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