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1986-2024: Celebrating Scotland's Music for 38 years

Ian Green: 1934-2024

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15 tracks: Maggie Lauder (George Duff & Adam Jack) * The Full Rigged Ship Set (Eilidh Shaw, Kathryn Nicoll & Russell Hunter) * Laddie Lie Near Me (Palaver) * Trowie Burn Set (Seannachie) * Stranger to Me (Cy Lawrie, Freddie Thomson, Eilidh Shaw & Russell Hunter) * Tron Blues (Davy Thomson) * Silent Running (Ian Carmichael & Michael Gill) * Christmas Evening in The Morning Set (William Haines & Martainn Beg) * Alison Gross (Seannachie) * Shady Grove (Ian Carmichael, Sam Ramsay, Michael Gill & Cy Lawrie) * Trip O’er The Mountains Set (Michael Gill & Sam Ramsay) * The Road To Dundee (Cy Lawrie, Sam Ramsay, Freddie Thomson, Eilidh Shaw & Russell Hunter) * The Maid Gaed Tae The Mill (Palaver) * Mountains Of Mourne (George Duff & Adam Jack) * John Steven of Chance Inn Set (The Tron Session Band).


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Ceilidh House Sessions

These were the regular session people in the Tron Tavern, Edinburgh, including the owner Cy Lawrie.

There are some weel kent names there and a couple of groups who were at the forefront in Edinburgh in the 1990s: Seannachie and Palaver.

Various instruments are featured including banjo, fiddle and guitar.

This is a bit of Edinburgh history and a well-worth purchase.

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