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26 tracks: Chancellours * If Thy Were Myne Own Thing * Lord Aboin’s Aire Or Welcome Home From London * No Charme Above Her * Peggie I Must Love Thee * Remember Me At Evening * I Serve A Worthie Ladie * Flowers Of The Forrest * Canaries * I Will Not Goe To My Bed Till I Suld Die * Adew Dundee * Six Untitled Pieces * Port * Port Jean Linsay * Port * Port Rorie Dall * Port Preist * I Love My Love In Secret * Reel * Up We’t Eli Eli * Tweed Side * Secret Kiss * Lady Lie Neir Mee * Aur Last Good Night * Lilt Milne * Lament For The Lutars.


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Rob MacKillop - Flowers Of The Forest

With pieces from the Balcarres, Skene, Millar/McAlman, Straloch, Wemyss and MacKillop Manuscripts.

Rob MacKillop plays some very unusual instruments and specialises in Scottish traditional music of the 17th century and beyond for lute, mandour, cittern and guitar.

This album demonstrates the remarkable talents of a dedicated musician.

  • Five Pieces From The Balcarres Manuscript (tracks 1 to 5 on the 11 Course Lute)
  • Five Pieces From The Skene Manuscript (tracks 6 to 10 on the Mandour)
  • Adew Dundee (on the 7 Course Lute)
  • Six Untitled Pieces (on the Cittern)
  • Five Ports From The Straloch Manuscript (on the 10 Course Lute)
  • Pieces From The Wire-Strung 18th Century Guittar
  • Three Pieces From The Wemyss Manuscript (on the 11 Course Lute)
  • One Piece From The MacKillop Manuscript (on the Mandour).

“Unique and beguiling first solo album…”
(The Scotsman)

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