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8 tracks: Thunderhead / The Easy Club Reel * The Rumblin’ Brig / Boatman Bill / Ian McGee’s Romanian Boots / The Birnam Triangle * Nighean Dubh Alainn / The Teapot Jig * The Rock and the Wee Pickle Tow / Bannocks of Beremeal / Song for Julie / Thoir A Nall Ailean Thugam / Jenny’s Chickens / Jenny Dang the Weaver * Maggie’s Reel / The Slippit Bar / Paddy in the Sauna * The Slow Hare / The Mongoose in the Byre / The Bees Knees * Staten Island / Trip to Pakistan * Anne’s Tune / Buccleuch Street / The Famous Ballymoate.


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Hamish Moore & Dick Lee - The Bees Knees

Hamish Moore & Dick Lee’s groundbreaking album was originally released in 1990, when this unique fusion of folk and jazz burst forth on the Scottish music scene.

At the time both Hamish and Dick were independently experimenting with other musicians and line-ups, and there are items included on this album which represent the then Hamish Moore Band, Fuaim, Dick Lee’s Chamber Jazz and of course Hamish and Dick as a duo.

The album was hailed as a classic by listeners and was the forerunner to their equally unique Farewell To Decorum.

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