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1986-2024: Celebrating Scotland's Music for 38 years

Ian Green: 1934-2024

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22 tracks: Niel Gow’s Lament For The Death Of His Second Wife * Port Atholl * I Love My Love In Secret * Lady Buccleugh’s Lament * Auld Lang Syne * Scot’s Lament * Joy To The Personne Of My Love * Till I Lulled Beyond Thee * Laydie Louthian’s Lilte * Isle Of Rea * Sueit Smyling Katie Loves Me * She Rouid Me In Her Aprone * John Come Kiss Me Noue * Lowlands Of Holland * Alace I Lie My Alon I’m Lik To Die Auld * Aderneis Lilt * Lady Cassilles Lilt * Blew Breiks * Poor Joan Morrison * MacKillop’s Rant * Nine * Healing.


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Rob MacKillop - The Healing

The music on this album from Rob MacKillop is made up of original versions of tunes found in the Scottish lute and cittern manuscripts of the 17th century, arrangements of tunes from the 18th and 20th centuries, and new pieces composed in 2001.

Rob is a master of the 12-course lute, cittern, mandour and oud.

He is joined on some tracks by poet James Robertson and Steve Player (rattlesnake guitar).

“dazzling virtuosity… exceptionally musical… beautifully played”
(Sounding Strings)

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