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1986-2024: Celebrating Scotland's Music for 38 years

Ian Green: 1934-2024

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18 tracks: The Burning of Auchendoon * Bahlele Bonke * King of the Castle * Rantin’ Dog * Harriet Tubman * High Germany * Women o’ Dundee * Johnny I Hardly Knew You * Don’t Leave Nobody But The Baby * Baron o’ Brackley * Igami Lama * You Can’t Put Me Down * Aye Waukin’ O * Cotton Mill Girls * Bone Upon Stone * Both Sides The Tweed * Wagoner’s Lad * The Twa Corbies.


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Stairheid Gossip - Stirrin’ It Up

Close harmony a-capella group of women singers from the Lowlands of Scotland. Harmony and solo singing with instrumental accompaniment on some tracks.

This group of five women from Edinburgh - Claire Lamond, Rebecca McKinney, Sylvia McGowan, Eileen Penman and Elaine Wallace - came together with a shared love of traditional music and singing to form Stairheid Gossip.

The songs on the album reflect the diversity of their musical interests, from Scotland to South Africa and from ballads to bluegrass, but they are all celebrations of the lives of everyday folk - in love, work, conflict and peace.

Great songs, some weel kent and some less so. A joyous collection.

Recorded in 2001 at Kevock Digital Studios, Lasswade, by Ian McCalman.

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