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13 tracks: Hip Hip Bouree / Pheasant Feathers * Bonawe Highlanders / Stirling Castle / Rachel Rae * Harp Song of the Dane Women * Love Lie Near Me * The Burning Bing * Petronella * Polska from Ornunga * Silent Rains * Roslin Castle / Miss Gordon of Gight / St Bride’s Coracle * The Streams of Abernethy / Puinneagan Cail * William Joseph Guppy / The King’s House / Wild West Waltz.


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Wendy Stewart - About Time

About Time was the reaction of many people to the news that Wendy Stewart had at last made a solo recording.

Greentrax recognised Wendy’s talent when Ceolbeg, of which she was a member for several years, signed to Greentrax, who shortly after invited her to make her debut album on the harp.

Wendy plays the traditional gut strung acoustic harp and the nylon strung electro-harp, concertina and sings on the album.

Some of her friends from Ceolbeg - Gary West, Colin Matheson and Jim Walker, plus Alan James - join her in session.

Regarded as a classic harp album on its release, it has sold well.

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