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Ian Green: 1934-2024

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17 tracks: Virginia Reel - Colored Aristocracy / Waiting for the Federals / Cheticamp / North Shore Breakdown * The Circle Waltz (or St Bernard’s Waltz) - Welcome Christmas Morning / Karasjok / Southesk Jewel * Military Two-Step (Rosetta 2-Step or Kelvingrove 2-Step) - The Directors * Gay Gordons - The Highlanders of Loon Mountain * Highland Schottische - Peggy MacDonald of Sollas * The Killarney Waltz (or Pride of Erin) - Spancil Hill / Slieve Kimalta / Ben Bulben of Sligo * Eva Three Step (The Russian Ballet or Bonnie Dundee) - The Glendaruel Highlanders / The Midlothian Pipe Band * White Heather Foxtrot - Cathkin Braes * The Barony Waltz * Britannia Two-Step - Jimmy’s Favourite / Auretti’s Dutch Skipper * Gay Gordons Two-Step (or Mississippi Dip) - Spaelimenninir i Hoydolum * The Victory Waltz - The Lassie Waltz / Silver City Waltz * Circles Four - Maxwell’s Rant / Cutting Braken / Lady MacKenzie of Coul / Drumley’s * Canadian Barn Dance - Millbank Cottage / Portnahaven * The Riverside (or Strip the Willow) - The Riverside / Jenny Wilson / Brown’s Jig / He’s O’er the Hills * The Last Waltz - The Silver Sands of Morar / Mo Mhathair / Eilidh * A Final Blast - The Mason’s Apron.


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The Occasionals - Live

One of Scotland’s most popular ceilidh bands The Occasionals, recorded live in November 1998.

Freeland Barbour (accordion), Ian Hardie (fiddle), Kevin MacLeod (banjo) and Gus Millar (drums).

A more compact line-up for this live album, when Ian Hardie replaced Mairi Campbell on fiddle and became a regular in The Occasionals until his untimely death.

They describe their music on this occasion as a Third Collection of Scottish And Old Time Dance Music.

Really one of the most popular ceilidh/dance bands in Scotland, here capturing the real live feel.

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