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1986-2024: Celebrating Scotland's Music for 38 years

Ian Green: 1934-2024

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18 tracks: The Grand March (also suitable for The Gay Gordons) * The Boston Two Step (also suitable for The Military Two Step) * The Flying Scotsman (suitable for most 32/64 bar reels - eg The Virginia Reel) * The Hesitation Waltz (also suitable for The Veleta) * The Jacky Tar Two Step (also suitable for the Highland Schottische) * The Circassian Circle (also suitable for The Cumberland Square Eight) * The Lomond Waltz (also suitable for The Pride of Erin Waltz) * The Baden Powell (also suitable for The Canadian Barn Dance) * Hullichan’s Jig (also suitable for any 32 bar jig) * The Duke of Perth (Broun’s Reel - also suitable for The Dashing White Sergeant) * The Russian Ballet (also suitable for The Eva Three Step) * The Friendly Waltz (also suitable for The St Bernard’s Waltz) * The Haymakers (also suitable for any 48 bar jig) * The Gypsy Tap (also suitable for The Britannia Two Step or The Mississippi Dip) * The Southern Rose Waltz (also suitable for a Last Waltz) * Drops of Brandy (also suitable for any 32 bar hornpipe) * The Call of The Pipes (also suitable for The Canadian Three Step) * The Orcadian Strip The Willow (also suitable for Strip The Willow).


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The Occasionals - Back In Step

The hard working and favourite Scottish ceilidh/dance band The Occasionals includes founder and ace accordionist Freeland Barbour, Runrig’s lead guitarist Malcolm Jones, Mairi Campbell (fiddle, viola), stringed maestro Kevin MacLeod (tenor banjo, mandolin, octave mandolin, guitar), Neil MacMillan (piano) and Gus Millar (drums).

The sets show clearly which dances they may be used for and also alternative dances they are suitable for. This album is often used for smaller groups of dancers where a live band is not available.

This is a classic Scottish dance band album.

What a line-up to dance to, and what a sound to simply sit and listen to. Brilliant.

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