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Ian Green: 1934-2024

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14 tracks: The Shuttle Rins * The Bawbee Birlin’ * The Laird o’ the Dainty Dounby * My Bonnie Lad’s Lang a’ Growin * The Shepherd’s Wife * Skippin’ Barfit Thro’ the Heather * The Laird o’ Warriston * Tail Toddle * The Plooman Laddies * Willie’s Droon’d in Yarrow * The Laird o’ Drum * In Freenship’s Name.


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Gordeanna McCulloch - In Freenship’s Name

One of Scotland’s great traditional voices Gordeanna McCulloch singing her favourite songs, accompanied by Billy Jackson, Stuart Morison, Charlie Soane, Dougie Pincock and Brian Miller.

Sadly Gordeanna passed away in 2019 but she had a voice which was strong and individual.

She is sorely missed in Scotland and far beyond but this album remains for those who loved her voice.

The front cover of the CD booklet features Gordeanna standing beside Jan Miller’s amazing life-size papier mache figures of traditional singers.

“One of the finest albums of Scottish songs available…”
(Dirty Linen, USA)

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