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1986-2022: Celebrating Scotland's Music for 36 years

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Jim Malcolm - Sconeward

 — Solo Singers & Songwriters — Stream or Download only — CDTRAX083

Jim Malcolm’s first of two albums for Greentrax, not long after making his solo debut on the Scottish folk scene. A remarkable singer and songwriter, this album includes many of his early songs and at that time his most popular. All instrumentals and vocals by Jim Malcolm but with additional… read more

Heather Heywood - Some Kind Of Love

 — Solo Singers & Songwriters — Stream or Download only — CDTRAX010

Martin Carthy said of Heather Heywood: “Heather Heywood is someone whose singing can make you quake in your boots. There is in her singing a generosity of spirit in common with the very finest. She is among - especially Scottish - women singers who have joined hands with the past and the future in… read more

Eric Bogle - I Wrote This Wee Song

 — Special Offers — Solo Singers & Songwriters — CD — Double CD — CDTRAX082D

“This double CD has 25 tracks and is a showcase of the work of one of the finest songwriters of the modern age. Eric Bogle has written hundreds of songs of which very few fail to grab either the head the heart or the laugh muscles. He is one of the great unknowns for many people. They love his… read more

Iain MacKintosh - Risks And Roses

 — Solo Singers & Songwriters — Stream or Download only — CDTRAX043

One of the great entertainers of the folk scene of Scotland and further afield, Iain MacKintosh was a huge loss to the music scene. He is accompanied again on this album by his friends Brian McNeill and Alan Reid. Iain, whose repertoire was always changing, collected a great bunch of songs for this… read more

Ceilidh House Sessions

 — Compilations — Fiddle — More Instrumental — Solo Singers & Songwriters — Stream or Download only — CDTRAX5002

From The Tron Tavern, Edinburgh. These were the regular session people in the Tron Tavern, Edinburgh, including the owner Cy Lawrie. There are some weel kent names there and a couple of groups who were at the forefront in Edinburgh in the 1990s: Seannachie and Palaver. Various instruments are featured including banjo, fiddle and… read more

Gill Bowman - Toasting The Lassies

 — Robert Burns — Solo Singers & Songwriters — CD — CDTRAX085

Gill Bowman launched her Toasting The Lassies show at the 1994 Edinburgh Festival Fringe and it was highly acclaimed by the critics. A selection of the love songs of Robert Burns, Greentrax released this album in celebration of the Burns bicentenial. This album was recorded at Kevock Digital Studios… read more

Gill Bowman - Perfect Lover

 — £6 Stock Clearance CDs — Solo Singers & Songwriters — CD — CDTRAX081

Gill Bowman is a weel kent face around the Edinburgh folk scene and was prominent in the late 1990s when she made two albums for Greentrax. This album comprises mainly her own songs, plus a couple of traditional ones. Gill sings in a beautiful clear voice with excellent diction. She also plays… read more

Christine Kydd & Janet Russell - Dancin’ Chantin’

 — Solo Singers & Songwriters — Stream or Download only — CDTRAX077

Janet Russell and Christine Kydd (vocals) with James Mackintosh (bongos, kashinshi), Jim Sutherland (bodhran), Mairi Campbell (viola, stepdance), Jack Evans (bass, whistle) and Michael Byrne (vocals). An album with a very ‘live’ feel. ‘A stunning display of two-part singing.’ (The Scotsman) read more

Robin Laing - Walking In Time

 — Solo Singers & Songwriters — Stream or Download only — CDTRAX072

This is the second album from this outstanding singer/songwriter, which most certainly lives up to his first, the classic Edinburgh Skyline. A mix of traditional items and several of his own compositions, including the award-winning The Forth Bridge Song. Robin wrote the song for a competition to… read more

The Cast - The Winnowing

 — £6 Stock Clearance CDs — Solo Singers & Songwriters — CD — CUL104D

Includes an original musical setting for the Robert Burns favourite Auld Lang Syne, as featured in the movie Sex And The City. The Cast’s debut album, which received generous critical acclaim. Mairi Campbell (voice, viola, fiddle) and Dave Francis (guitar, voice) with Brian Shiels (double bass).… read more

Bothy Ballads

 — Scottish Tradition Series — Solo Singers & Songwriters — CD — CDTRAX9001

Scottish Tradition Series vol 1. Music from the North East of Scotland. Jimmy MacBeath, James Bowie, Bill Elvin, John MacDonald, Charlie Murray & Jamie Taylor, Charlie Bremner and Frank Steele. It was the ‘bothy’ system of North-East farms in Scotland which served as a sort of folksong incubator in late-Victorian and… read more

Stephen Quigg - Voice Of My Island

 — Solo Singers & Songwriters — Stream or Download only — CDTRAX066

Stephen Quigg is one of the hardest working singers of club, hotel and other music venues around Scotland - and also Europe. Previously he annually went on The McCalmans’ summer Highland tours and opened for them. Later, when Derek Moffat sadly died, Stephen was recruited as a replacement and… read more

Heather Heywood - By Yon Castle Wa’

 — Special Offers — Solo Singers & Songwriters — CD — CDTRAX054

Heather Heywood one of the best Scottish women singers and said by some as ‘the best’. This was her second album for Greentrax and was again a mix of traditional and contemporary songs. Accompaniment was provided by Brian McNeill (fiddle, guitar, concertina, bouzouki - he also produced), Dougie… read more

Eric Bogle - Mirrors

 — Solo Singers & Songwriters — Stream or Download only — CDTRAX068

Eric Bogle’s third album for Greentrax, with accompaniment from buddy John Munro (guitar), Brent Miller (bass guitar), Andy McGloin (guitars), Ian Blake (synthesiser, soprano sax), Trev Warner (banjo, fiddle) and others. A collection of fine songs with Refugee, One Small Star, Plastic Paddy,… read more

The Muckle Sangs

 — Scottish Tradition Series — Solo Singers & Songwriters — CD — CDTRAX9005

Scottish Tradition Series vol 5. Some of the classic Scots ballads sung by the very best traditional singers, now sadly almost all gone. Jeannie Robertson, Lizzie Higgins, Betsy Whyte, Jane Turriff, John Strachan, Jimmy MacBeath, John Adams, John MacDonald, Bella Higgins, Duncan MacPhee, Nellie MacGregor, Minnie Haman, Sheila… read more

Rankin File - For The Record

 — Solo Singers & Songwriters — Stream or Download only — CDTRAX057

Featuring songs by Iain Rankin. The tracks on this compilation album are from Rankin File’s two records of the Seventies. Iain Rankin (vocals/guitar), Tony Mitchell (acoustic guitar) and Rick Nickerson (bass guitar). “A tight, well-balanced and near impeccable band…” (Melody Maker) read more

Paul Herron - Different Worlds

 — £6 Stock Clearance CDs — Solo Singers & Songwriters — CD — CDTRAX055

One of the early Greentrax forays into Irish music, Paul Herron’s collection of self-penned songs was one of the few albums taken on by the label as a direct result of a demo through the post. Ian Green was so impressed with Paul’s singer-songwriter abilities that he was immediately signed up to… read more

Archie Fisher - Sunsets I’ve Galloped Into

 — £6 Stock Clearance CDs — Solo Singers & Songwriters — CD — CDTRAX020

Archie’s return to the recording studio in the mid 1980s was due to what he describes as his most creative songwriting period, which coincided with a series of North American tours in partnership with Garnet Rogers. Garnet produced albums on his own Snowgoose label, the last of which was Sunsets… read more

Niamh Parsons - Loosely Connected

 — Solo Singers & Songwriters — Stream or Download only — CDTRAX052

A quite remarkable Irish female voice, ranking with the best of several talented Irish women singers of that time (1982). Ian Green heard Niamh Parsons at the Edinburgh International Folk Festival and signed her up as soon as she came off the stage. She was that good! At that time Niamh was in the… read more

Brian McNeill - The Back O’ The North Wind

 — Ian Green’s Pick Of The Month — Solo Singers & Songwriters — CD — CDTRAX047

“This is Brian McNeill’s ground-breaking first solo album for Greentrax of 1991, after leaving The Battlefield Band. The theme is based on the persistence of Scotland’s people to migrate to all parts of the globe and looks in this instance at the lives of Scots in North America, past and… read more

Eric Bogle - Voices In The Wilderness

 — Solo Singers & Songwriters — Stream or Download only — CDTRAX040

One of Eric Bogle’s early albums after joining the Greentrax label. With a host of excellent musicians, including Andy McGloin (guitars), Brent Miller (electric bass), John Munro (guitars, mandolin), Andre Rytjoch (sax) and Greg Baker (slide guitar, harmonica). The album has a Country-ish feel to… read more

Jean Redpath - Songs Of Robert Burns vol 7

 — Robert Burns — Solo Singers & Songwriters — CD — CDTRAX029

This album contains the last volume in the series The Songs of Robert Burns, as researched and arranged by the late composer Serge Hovey and sung by the late Jean Redpath MBE, one of Scotland’s foremost interpreters of traditional song. It is part of a project that was planned to document the… read more

Robin Laing - Edinburgh Skyline

 — Solo Singers & Songwriters — Stream or Download only — CDTRAX021

Robin Laing, arguably one of the best singer-songwriters in Scotland, came to the notice of Greentrax via the Edinburgh Folk Club. The late Hamish Henderson said of Robin: “Auld Reekie (Edinburgh) is a veritable Janus of a city - its two faces, innocent and sinister, have fascinated many artists.… read more

Iain MacDonald - This Land Once Was Free

 — Solo Singers & Songwriters — Stream or Download only — CDTRAX025

Iain MacDonald, originally from the Western Isles, was a talented singer-songwriter and was brought to the attention of Greentrax boss Ian Green by Dick Gaughan, just as the launch of Greentrax Recordings was being planned in 1986. This was one of two albums by Iain and both were produced by Dick… read more

Janet Russell & Christine Kydd

 — Solo Singers & Songwriters — Stream or Download only — CDTRAX011

This was the first album by the brilliant brilliant vocal duo of Janet Russell & Christine Kydd, who also played guitars. They were backed by Jim Sutherland (percussion), Norman Chalmers (concertina) and Ron Shaw (cello). Janet and Christine went on to record a second album for Greentrax before… read more

Iain MacKintosh - Gentle Persuasion

 — Solo Singers & Songwriters — Stream or Download only — CDTRAX014

The late Iain MacKintosh was a stalwart of the folk scene from way back, as a member of various groups and eventually as a soloist or occasionally in a duo with Brian McNeill. Iain had the uncanny knack of picking really good songs from songwriters from around the world or from the huge traditional… read more

Iain MacDonald - Beneath Still Waters

 — Solo Singers & Songwriters — Stream or Download only — CDTRAX003

The late Iain MacDonald, originally from the Western Isles, was a talented singer-songwriter and was brought to the attention of Greentrax boss Ian Green by Dick Gaughan, just as the launch of Greentrax Recordings was being planned in 1986. This was one of two albums by Iain and both were produced… read more