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11 tracks: Take Me Home * Walking Away * Sweet Tibbie Dunbar / Rantin’ Dog * Dear Friend * Comin’ Thro’ The Rye * This Time To Be Like You * Ae Fond Kiss * Dream Angus * Making Friends * Somebody’s Baby.


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Gill Bowman - Perfect Lover

Gill Bowman is a weel kent face around the Edinburgh folk scene and was prominent in the late 1990s when she made two albums for Greentrax.

This album comprises mainly her own songs, plus a couple of traditional ones.

Gill sings in a beautiful clear voice with excellent diction. She also plays guitar and was joined by, amongst others, Olly Blanchflower (double bass), Mairi Campbell (backing vocals, viola), Jim Malcolm, Christine Kydd, Jack Evans and Wendy Stewart (harp).

Her second album for Greentrax is Toasting The Lassies and she also recorded an album with Karine Polwart - Highwired.

“A good collection of modern and traditional music…”
(Shire Folk)

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