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12 tracks: Green Grow the Rashes * Now Westlin Winds * The Banks o’ Doon * Sweet Tibbie Dunbar / Rantin Dog * Sweet Afton * Comin Thro the Rye * Ae Fond Kiss * The Deil’s Awa’ wi th’ Exciseman * The Lea Rig * A Rose-bud, by my Early Walk * O, This is No my Ain Lassie * Auld Lang Syne.


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Gill Bowman - Toasting The Lassies

Gill Bowman launched her Toasting The Lassies show at the 1994 Edinburgh Festival Fringe and it was highly acclaimed by the critics.

A selection of the love songs of Robert Burns, Greentrax released this album in celebration of the Burns bicentenial.

This album was recorded at Kevock Digital Studios by Ian McCalman and the songs tell the story of the complex and crowded love life of Robert Burns.

Gill was ably assisted by Wendy Stewart (clarsach, concertina), Derek Hoy (fiddle), Rebecca Knorr (flute) and Murray Briggs (percussion).

A very popular Burns album.

“Her voice is as pure as an angel’s…”
(Dirty Linen)

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