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13 tracks: Tomorrow You’re Gone * Uncle Walter * Run The Film Backwards * My Old Man * It’s So Easy To Dream * When I’m Gone * The January Man * The Farm Auction * The Wheelchair Talking Blues * The Song Of The Pineapple Rag * First You Lose The Rhyming * Waltzing Around In The Nude * Five Ways To Kill A Man.


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Iain MacKintosh - Gentle Persuasion

The late Iain MacKintosh was a stalwart of the folk scene from way back, as a member of various groups and eventually as a soloist or occasionally in a duo with Brian McNeill.

Iain had the uncanny knack of picking really good songs from songwriters from around the world or from the huge traditional repertoire. He was a commanding figure on stage, usually with only a banjo and his voice but with the ability to really connect with his audience and have them singing the choruses with him.

He toured extensively in Europe, frequently bumping into his friends The McCalmans, who followed a similar touring circuit.

The album also features Brian McNeill and Alan Reid of Battlefield Band who backed him in the Pier House Studios recording sessions.

“A truly gentle voice…” (Edinburgh Evening News)

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