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12 tracks: Voiceless Millions /Spanish Point * Connemara Awakes * Summer Sunsets * Lonely At The Station * Just Down The Road * Last Chance * You’ve Got Me * Blue Skies * In A Song * Donegal Dreams * Feeling Great * When Darkness Falls.


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Paul Herron - Different Worlds

One of the early Greentrax forays into Irish music, Paul Herron’s collection of self-penned songs was one of the few albums taken on by the label as a direct result of a demo through the post.

Ian Green was so impressed with Paul’s singer-songwriter abilities that he was immediately signed up to Greentrax and this excellent album resulted.

Paul was backed by the equally talented Kieran Goss, Brendan Monaghan, John McSherry, Paul Mullan plus others.

It is a lesser known Greentrax gem and a great shame that Paul was unable to tour more frequently than he did, to further promote this fine album.

“These sessions provide Paul with a music idiom to spring from…”
(Tommy Sands)

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