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Tracks: Katie Campbell’s Rambles / Streets of Forbes * Tinkerman’s Daughter * Little Big Time * Lover’s Ghost * Man Of Arran * North America * We Two People * One Morning In May * Play A Merry Jig * Where Were You (Tonight I Wonder) * Don’t Give Your Heart Away.


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Niamh Parsons - Loosely Connected

A quite remarkable Irish female voice, ranking with the best of several talented Irish women singers of that time (1982).

Ian Green heard Niamh Parsons at the Edinburgh International Folk Festival and signed her up as soon as she came off the stage. She was that good!

At that time Niamh was in the band The Loose Connections, which included John & Paul McSherry, two brilliant musicians. The album was produced by Vinnie Kilduff.

It sold well and Niamh went on to later record with Green Linnet.

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