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Ian Green: 1934-2024

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10 tracks: Senorita Ana Ro’dio / Seeds To The Wind * Glenlivet * A’ The Airts * Here’s A Health Tae The Sauters / Cajun Two Step * Johnnie Cope * Galician Set * See The People Run * Mazurka Set * The Cowpit Yowe Set * Lord Galloway’s Lamentation.


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Ceolbeg - Seeds To The Wind

The fine traditional song and instrumental band Ceolbeg features Gary West (Highland bagpipe, whistles, backing vocals), Davy Steele (lead vocals, guitar, bouzouki), Wendy Stewart (clarsach, concertina, backing vocals) and Peter Boond (founder member on flute, cittern, whistles, backing vocals).

With help from Ian McQueen (percussion), Roy Ashby (additional percussion) and Dick Gaughan, who produced the album on midi-production.

A brilliant album, both instrumentally and vocally.

Davy Steele’s See The People Run is a stunner.

“They must be the envy of many better-known bands…”
(The Scotsman)

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