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14 tracks: If I Had A Boat * Remember When The Music * I Wish I Was In Glasgow * Cheeky Young Lad * The Rats Are Winning * The King of Rome * Flowers Are Red * My Home Town * Roses From The Wrong Man * Acceptable Risks * Dill Pickle Rag * Annie McKenzie * Kilkelly * The Hug Song


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Iain MacKintosh - Risks And Roses

One of the great entertainers of the folk scene of Scotland and further afield, Iain MacKintosh was a huge loss to the music scene.

He is accompanied again on this album by his friends Brian McNeill and Alan Reid.

Iain, whose repertoire was always changing, collected a great bunch of songs for this album. Look out for If I Had a Boat (by Lyle Lovett), I Wish I Was In Glasgow (by Billy Connolly), Cheeky Young Lad (by Harvey Andrews), The King of Rome (by Dave Sudbury), Flowers Are Red (by Harry Chapin), Annie McKelvie (by Ian Ingram) and The Hug Song, based on a true story of an American doctor who was disciplined for hugging his patients (by Fred Small).

“Unhesitatingly recommended…”
(Folk Roots)

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