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13 tracks: The Boys That Broke the Ground * The Tiree Love Song * Who Put the Mush * Highland Laddie / Roll the Woodpile Down / A Hundred Years Ago * Westering Home * Last Session / All the Tunes in the World * Most Amazing Thing of All (Scotland Qualified Again) * I Will Go (Land of MacLeod) * Widow MacKay * April Waltz / Up and Awa’ Wi’ the Laverock / Scarce O’ Tatties / The Lark In The Morning * Ainster Harbour * TWA Recruiting Sergeants * Rolling Home


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The McCalmans - Songs From Scotland

Recorded in 1991 in Pier House Studios by Peter Haigh, with Ian McCalman, Nick Keir and Derek Moffat, Scotland’s favourite vocal harmony group.

Mainly Scottish songs, highlights include The Tiree Love Song, Highland Laddie, Westering Home, I Will Go, Widow McKay, Ainster Harbour and the popular end of festival song Rolling Home.

Strong McCalmans.

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