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Ian Green: 1934-2024

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12 tracks: Muir and The Master Builder * Gone, Gonna Rise Again * Reconciliation * Why Old Men Cry * Thomas Muir of Huntershill * October Song * Ewen and The Gold * Let it be Me * All the King’s Horses * Pancho and Lefty * Turn, Turn, Turn * Fine Horseman.


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Dick Gaughan - Redwood Cathedral

Dick has been on the road as a professional musician for over 25 years and has developed into one of the most respected and sought-after musicians in the UK, with regular nationwide tours in addition to foreign tours.

Dick was a member of the Boys of the Lough in the early ‘70s, he made in 1980 what was voted the Album of the ‘80s, Handful of Earth, and throughout that decade created a formidable solo reputation before embarking on the Clan Alba project in 1991.

‘Exceptional it surely is ... it’s good to have him back’ (Alastair Clark, The Scotsman)

‘His vocal style is unique, both stirring and spine-chilling ... his latest masterpiece.’ (John O’Regan, Rock ‘n’ Reel)

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