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1986-2023: Celebrating Scotland's Music for 37 years

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Eric Bogle - Other People’s Children

 — Solo Singers & Songwriters — CD — CDTRAX287

Eric Bogle’s first album of new songs since 2002, Other People’s Children is another exceptional collection of songs from this prolific songwriter. In Hallowed Ground Eric re-visits No Man’s Land and the World War 1 graveyards, and he reflects on the elderly in The Last Of The Old Timers. In… read more

Alan Bell - The Definitive Collection

 — Solo Singers & Songwriters — CD — CDTRAX285

On this album Alan, director of the Fylde Folk Festival, returns to his roots as a singer and, to meet many requests from around the world, Alan and his friends have re-recorded the most popular and requested songs written in his forty-year career as a songwriter. Alan Bell was born and bred on the… read more

Eric Bogle - At This Stage

 — All Time Top Sellers — 2022 Top 20 — 2021 Top 20 — 2020 Top 20 — 2017 Top 20 — 2016 Top 20 — Solo Singers & Songwriters — CD — Double CD — CDTRAX286

The Live Collection. Double CD of live performances, featuring Eric’s most requested songs from the past thirty years, coming from a variety of concerts and studio appearances. This release features Eric’s most popular songs as well as some special rarities, and as always, despite the heavy nature of the subjects,… read more

Eric Bogle - Singing The Spirit Home

 — 2022 Top 20 — 2021 Top 20 — 2020 Top 20 — Solo Singers & Songwriters — CD — 5CD box set — CDTRAX4001B

5CD Boxed Set. Includes sixty songs written and recorded by the Scottish-Australian singer and songwriter Eric Bogle. Eric has chosen the songs from his recorded output spanning the period from 1980, when he released Now I’m Easy, to 1997 and the release of Small Miracles. All of Eric’s ‘big’ songs are… read more

Jim Reid - Yont The Tay

 — Solo Singers & Songwriters — CD — CDTRAX272

Jim Reid is without a doubt an outstanding singer and songwriter, and as a lover of the work of poet Violet Jacob, has set many of her poems to music, including the hugely successful Wild Geese (or Norland Wind), which has now become one of the classic folk songs of the twentieth century. Jim was a… read more

The Carrying Stream

 — Scottish Tradition Series — Gaelic Song — Solo Singers & Songwriters — CD — CDTRAX9020

Scottish Tradition Series vol 20. In response to many requests, The School of Scottish Studies Archives, in conjunction with Greentrax Recordings, have selected tracks for this compilation album from previous album releases in the Scottish Tradition Series and other material from the Schools’ rich archive collection. Amongst the… read more

Gentle Giants

 — Compilations — Solo Singers & Songwriters — CD — CDTRAX271

A Celebration Of The Clydesdale Horse In Song. The Clydesdale Horse - the name tells us where they originated. Clydesdale, the valley of the river Clyde, is essentially the old name for Lanarkshire. The horse that carries is not necessarily the horse that could pull three times their own weight and at the time when the Clydesdale appeared, the… read more

McCalman Singular

 — £6 Stock Clearance CDs — Compilations — Solo Singers & Songwriters — Vocal Groups — CD — CDTRAX269

Songs By Ian, Sung By Friends. The album showcases the songs and music of The McCalmans’ frontman, Ian McCalman. Ian’s songwriting is prolific and here some of Ian’s songs are given new interpretations by some well known friends in music. Ian was a founder member of The McCalmans in 1964. “A little classic…” (Archie… read more

Archie Fisher & Garnet Rogers - Off The Map

 — Solo Singers & Songwriters — CD — CDTRAX270

Previously available only on LP. In the summer of 1985 Scottish folk singer Archie Fisher and Garnet Rogers (younger brother of the late Stan Rogers) teamed up to tour Canada and America. The tour was a huge success and the recorded concert tracks feature on this CD. Combining the best of Archie’s… read more

Scottish Women

 — Gaelic Song — Solo Singers & Songwriters — Vocal Groups — CD — CDTRAX261

Scotland's Queens of Song Recorded Live on Tour 2002. The popular Gaelic and Scots songs on this album were recorded from live concerts during the Scottish Women tour of 2002. The cast of singers included Sheila Stewart, Sheena Wellington, Ishbel McAskill, Elspeth Cowie, Corrina Hewat, Annie Grace, Karine Polwart, Emily Smith, Mairi MacInnes, Anna… read more

Songs Of East Lothian And The Forth

 — £6 Stock Clearance CDs — Celtic Collections — Solo Singers & Songwriters — CD — CDGMP8007

Celtic Collections vol 7. The songs of East Lothian and the Forth, with particular emphasis on the sadly defunct fishing industry of the Forth Estuary. Performers include Ceolbeg, The McCalmans, Malinky, Drinker’s Drouth, Heritage, Robin Laing and Dick Gaughan. Songs of the Prestonpans salters; the shell-fish gatherers,… read more

Orkney - Land, Sea & Community

 — Scottish Tradition Series — Solo Singers & Songwriters — Spoken Word — CD — CDTRAX9021

Scottish Tradition Series vol 21. This volume focuses on the music, song and stories of the Orkney Islands. Most of the selections were recorded by Alan Bruford, reader in Scottish Ethnology. The first narratives and songs highlight farm life: they recall harvest celebrations, recipes, animal behaviour and related beliefs and… read more

Annie Grace - Take Me Out Drinking Tonight

 — Solo Singers & Songwriters — Stream or Download only — CDTRAX256

Best known as vocalist and instrumentalist with the band Iron Horse, Annie Grace’s career as musician, actor and teacher has taken her to all corners of the world. This, her debut solo album, is a compelling mix of traditional and contemporary songs reflecting the World, blues and jazz influences… read more

Davie Robertson - Star O’ The Bar

 — Solo Singers & Songwriters — Stream or Download only — CDTRAX254

Fifteen original songs. Davie Robertson was born in 1945 and has lived all his life in the village of Longniddry, East Lothian. He has been interested and involved in the folk revival since the mid 1960s and during that decade started composing songs, which he sang in local folk clubs and at other… read more

Hamish Henderson Tribute Album (vol 1) - A’ The Bairns O Adam

 — 2022 Top 20 — Compilations — Ian Green’s Pick Of The Month — Solo Singers & Songwriters — Spoken Word — Vocal Groups — CD — CDTRAX244

“Various artists including Adam McNaughtan, Dick Gaughan, Rod Paterson, Jim Reid, The Corrie Folk Trio and The Laggan combine for this tribute to the late, great singer/songwriter/collector Dr Hamish Henderson. Several of his most popular songs are included: The John MacLean March, Farewell to… read more

Robin Laing - The Water Of Life

 — Solo Singers & Songwriters — CD — CDTRAX246

Whisky is in the air in Scotland - all that steady evaporation of spirit from countless casks quietly aging to maturity. The angels get some of it, but it has also inspired many great songs and poems which Robin Laing has been collecting for years. In 1997 Robin recorded an album of whisky songs… read more

Sheena Wellington - Hamely Fare

 — £6 Stock Clearance CDs — Solo Singers & Songwriters — CD — CDTRAX240

Includes 28-page booklet with song lyrics and glossary. Sheena Wellington has travelled far and wide, singing traditional and other Scottish songs as well as her own compositions. Her relaxed singing style and entertaining presentation has endeared her to audiences in many countries, including the… read more

Eric Bogle - The Colour Of Dreams

 — Solo Singers & Songwriters — Stream or Download only — CDTRAX237

Another crop of songs from the incredibly prolific songwriter Eric Bogle. Includes such greats as The Colour of Dreams, As If He Knows (Ian Green’s favourite Bogle song which never fails to bring a tear to the eye), The Dalai Lama’s Candle, Ibrahim and Cradle To The Grave. The band on this… read more

Dick Gaughan - Prentice Piece

 — All Time Top Sellers — 2021 Top 20 — 2020 Top 20 — Guitar & Mandolin — Solo Singers & Songwriters — CD — Double CD — CDTRAX236D

The First Three Decades. Double CD including comprehensive sleeve notes and song lyrics. One of the most respected and sought-after musicians in the UK, Dick Gaughan has spent years ‘on the road’ and made many recordings. For some years his audiences have been requesting a compilation of Dick’s favourite tracks and… read more

The King Has Landed

 — Compilations — Solo Singers & Songwriters — CD — CDTRAX234

Songs Of The Jacobite Risings. The 2002 Edinburgh International Festival included Songs of the Jacobite Rebellions in their Scottish traditional music programme - this compilation was released to mark that event. The album consists of popular Jacobite songs, plus some recent compositions, performed by artists including The… read more

Jack Beck - O Lassie, Lassie

 — £6 Stock Clearance CDs — Solo Singers & Songwriters — CD — CDTRAX027

Jack Beck (guitar and vocals) is a highly rated singer of traditional song, and is joined on this album by musicians Gary Coupland (accordion), Pete Clark and Davy Lockhart (fiddle), Mike Ward (whistle, Northumbrian smallpipes, keyboard), Lindsay Porteous (jaws harp), Chris Miles, Andy Hunter and… read more

Scots Women

 — Solo Singers & Songwriters — Vocal Groups — CD — Double CD — CDTRAX213D

Live From Celtic Connections 2001. Double album recorded live at the Celtic Connections Festival, Glasgow, in January 2001. Featuring Aileen Carr, Elspeth Cowie, Cilla Fisher, Annie Grace, Corrina Hewat, Heather Heywood, Maureen Jelks, Chris Miles, Gordeanna McCulloch, Alison McMorland, Anne Neilson, Karine Polwart, Sheila Stewart,… read more

Dick Gaughan - Outlaws And Dreamers

 — All Time Top Sellers — Guitar & Mandolin — Solo Singers & Songwriters — CD — CDTRAX222

As requested by his fans, an album consisting almost entirely of Dick on guitar and vocals, also featuring Brian McNeill on fiddle and concertina on a few tracks. A very ‘live’ feeling. Dick was voted one of the Top 10 Folk Voices of the 20th Century by listeners of BBC Radio 2’s Mike Harding Show. read more

Lynn Morrison - Cave Of Gold

 — Solo Singers & Songwriters — CD — CDTRAX212

Celtic Lullabies. This project of Celtic Lullabies was a labour of love for Lynn Morrison (formerly of Iron Horse) over several years, during which time she gathered many songs. Her final selection on Cave Of Gold was chosen by personal preference, sleep and story value, and how they all fit together as seamlessly as… read more

Eric Bogle - By Request

 — All Time Top Sellers — 2022 Top 20 — 2021 Top 20 — 2020 Top 20 — 2019 Top 20 — 2018 Top 20 — 2017 Top 20 — Ian Green’s Pick Of The Month — Solo Singers & Songwriters — CD — CDTRAX210

“Scots-born singer-songwriter Eric Bogle is now settled in Australia where his reputation has earned him many awards and honours, and where he has recorded numerous albums including his most recent collection of new songs The Source of Light. By Request is a compilation of Eric’s most requested… read more

Jean Redpath - Summer Of My Dreams

 — Solo Singers & Songwriters — CD — CDTRAX208

Jean Redpath MBE has carved a remarkable musical career for herself to become one of the most accomplished and respected Scottish singers, as well as being a household name both at home and in the USA where she now spends most of her time. Other albums include her ground-breaking work on The Songs… read more

Songs Of Robert Burns

 — Celtic Collections — Compilations — Robert Burns — Solo Singers & Songwriters — CD — CDGMP8002

Celtic Collections vol 2. This is a collection of the most popular Robert Burns songs including A Man’s A Man (The McCalmans), Comin Thro’ The Rye (Gill Bowman), Ae Fond Kiss (Blackeyed Biddy), My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose (Ceolbeg with Davy Steele), Willie Wassle (Rod Paterson), The Lea Rig (Sangsters), Silver Tassie… read more

Eric Bogle - Endangered Species

 — Solo Singers & Songwriters — Stream or Download only — CDTRAX196

Another collection of Eric Bogle’s own songs with a different band on this occasion. Ian Blake (several instruments), Jonathan Jones (percussion), David O’Neill (acoustic and electric guitars and more), Scott Dodd (double bass), Gillian Pratten (cello) plus Fred Pilcher and Karen Strahan… read more

Songs Of Scotland

 — Celtic Collections — Solo Singers & Songwriters — CD — CDGMP8001

Celtic Collections vol 1. This is a collection of favourite Scottish songs sung by top Greentrax artists, including The McCalmans (Westering Home), Heather Heywood (My Bonnie Moorhen), Robin Laing (Isle of Eigg), Adam McNaughtan (The Jeely Piece Song), Sangsters (Helen of Kirkconnel) and Jack Beck (Love Is Teasing). A very… read more

Aileen Carr - Green Yarrow

 — Solo Singers & Songwriters — Stream or Download only — CDTRAX173

Aileen Carr was born in Coupar Angus, in Perthshire. Her father, self-taught on the melodeon, had a fine Scots voice, while her mother also sang and played the piano at musical evenings at home. Aileen’s family could not afford piano lessons for her but that didn’t hold back Aileen’s interest… read more