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11 tracks: The Trees They Grow High * Magdalen Laundry * Bonny At Morn * Solitude * Summerfly * Take Me Out Drinking Tonight * Land O’ The Leal * Farewell To Lochaber * Jock O’ Hazeldean * Feast Or Famine * Sing Me Something Simple.


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Annie Grace - Take Me Out Drinking Tonight

Best known as vocalist and instrumentalist with the band Iron Horse, Annie Grace’s career as musician, actor and teacher has taken her to all corners of the world. This, her debut solo album, is a compelling mix of traditional and contemporary songs reflecting the World, blues and jazz influences on Annie over her last decade in the music world.

Her name is to be found on many recordings, including those from Iron Horse and the Greentrax double CD Scottish Women. Since Iron Horse retired in 2001, she has been combining a solo musical career with acting, appearing in, amongst others, several Highland Festival productions, Homers with the Traverse, and touring nationally with the hugely popular Mum’s The Word.

This album shows a musician who is at her mature and confident best and who is not afraid to take chances. Traditional songs have been reworked and sparkle alongside new numbers. Her voice can be both evocative and exciting in equal measure and invites listening again and again.

She underlines her reputation as a superb exponent of the whistle while having cracking support from her band - Aly MacRae (guitar, piano and a plethora of other instruments), Aaron Jones (bass), Davy Cattanach (drums, percussion) and Gavin Marwick (fiddle), with the boys also providing excellent backing vocals on selected tracks. The material ranges from haunting songs such as Land o the Leal, while the title track (written by Michael Marra), is given a beautifully relaxed, almost country, feel.

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