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12 tracks: Philly Boy / Charlie’s Jig / Crabbit Shona * Crazy Man Michael * Dick Gossip’s / Jean’s Reel * The Roses * Culloden’s Harvest * Eyes Wide Open / The Arrival of Katy Broom / The Arrival of Robin Todd * Leaving Stoer / Reel Beatrice / Stomack Steinway Man * Some People Cry * Miss Hanoria McNamara of Ballybunion / Robin’s Waltz / Archie the Flying Beast * Ashokan Farewell * Catharsis / Four Stroke Reel / Music For A Found Harmonium * My Donald.


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Harriet Bartlett - Eyes Wide Open

Winner of the coveted Danny Kyle Award at Celtic Connections in 2003 (then aged 15) and the In The Tradition Awards 2001, Harriet Bartlett has been playing the piano accordion for eight years, adding vocals to her performance over the past two years.

The album consists of four songs and eight instrumental tracks, with several of the tunes composed by Harriet.

From Shrewsbury in Shropshire and originally classically trained on accordion, Harriet moved into folk because of her love of Celtic music.

She feels privileged to have had lessons and taken part in workshops with a number of accordion greats, including Karen Tweed, Phil Cunningham and Ian Lowthian, but at the same time has gone on to develop her own style.

In addition to producing this album, Phil Cunningham also played piano, cittern and whistle, while Ed Boyd played guitar and Mark Maguire added bodhran.

Late in 2003 Aly Bain and Phil Cunningham invited Harriet to support them on a concert performance in Blairgowrie, Perthshire.

‘When Phil and I first met Harriet at a concert in Newcastle a few years ago, little did we think that this young girl was going to pursue her career with the fervour she has. We have had the great pleasure of watching her musicianship grow ever since. Now at the age of 16 she has achieved a goal she had even then - her first CD in the bag! Harriet has assembled here a fine collection of tunes, some traditional, some contemporary and some of her own compositions, all of them played with grace and dexterity. She is composing with a maturity far beyond her years.’ (Aly Bain)

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