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15 tracks: The Hanky * Cauld Comfort * A Drinkin’ Man * The Cruel and Hungry Sea * Crime and Punishment * Noran Water - The Inside Story * Quiet October Hills * Strict Hygiene * Late in The Day * Noo Spring’s Sped * Anthem for Scotland * Just a Blink * The Chimp and The Poodle * Sair Sair Sorrow * Star O’ The Bar.


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Davie Robertson - Star O’ The Bar

Fifteen original songs. Davie Robertson was born in 1945 and has lived all his life in the village of Longniddry, East Lothian. He has been interested and involved in the folk revival since the mid 1960s and during that decade started composing songs, which he sang in local folk clubs and at other events. He later went on to enter (and win) a number of Scottish songwriting competitions.

Davie describes his voice - ‘in another era it could have commanded attention in a raucous tavern, uproarious bothy or festive tinker campfire’ - and he describes his songs as - ‘mostly simple observations of the human condition… many of them are humorous’.

Davie also describes himself as a ‘composer of Scots songs… a noble tradition which is not in good health, but it is not quite dead yet… who knows, it may yet rise and surprise us all.’ His songs are uncanny observations of human life.

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