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16 tracks: Summer of my Dreams, Sailor’s Sweetheart, Yellow on the Broom, Gipsy Lass, Parlez-Moi d’Amour, Alas Poor Queen, Andy’s Gone with the Cattle, Willie’s Gane to Melville Castle, Mally Lee, Sweet Thames Flow Softly, The Blackbird, Dumbarton’s Drums, Bonnie Bessie Logan, Maggie Lauder, Come by The Hills, Dark-Eyed Molly, The Farm Auction.


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Jean Redpath - Summer Of My Dreams

Jean Redpath MBE has carved a remarkable musical career for herself to become one of the most accomplished and respected Scottish singers, as well as being a household name both at home and in the USA where she now spends most of her time. Other albums include her ground-breaking work on The Songs of Robert Burns series with Serge Hovey.

Instrumental accompaniment is provided by Alasdair Fraser (fiddle), Abby Newton (cello) and Jacqueline Schwab (piano). Jean also accompanies herself on guitar on several tracks.

‘Scotland’s outstanding traditional singer ... Blessed with as distinctive a singing voice as any in the world of folk music - flawless, extensive, haunting, powerful and yet gentle.’

‘A collection of memories which range from those parts of my repertoire that I inhaled with the damp sea air in Fife as I grew up, through the material that reached me by radio and recordings in early years and on to the more recent acquisitions more deliberately and consciously acquired.’ (Jean Redpath)

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