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November 2000
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14 tracks: Show The Way * Hold On * How Can I Tell You * We Lie * Good Noise * Ballad Of Mary Magdalene * Black Clothes / Black Jacket Reel * Language Of The Heart * If You Could See * Raven In The Storm * Fragile Peace * Fishing * Not For The Love Of Money * Time For Leaving

John Wright on vocals, Kenny Speirs on acoustic guitar and backing vocals and Stewart Hardie on fiddle.

An album of songs by well-known international songwriters including Kieran Halpin, Cat Stevens, A S Hutchings, C While, Robin Laing, Lucy Kaplansky, Rick Litvin, Mavis Taylor and Tim Harrison.

John Wright has built up a solid support both as a solo artist and with The John Wright Band. This is his third release as the John Wright Band and, as always, the song is most important.

Wright seems to breath life into the songs they perform and the emotions generated by John’s unique voice, highlighted by the sympathic accompaniment of Kenny Speirs and Stewart Hardie.

The John Wright Band continues to improve with age and it doesn’t get any better than their new album.

With additional studio guests Gavin Dickie (bass), Ian McFadyen (drums), Tommy Roseburgh (keyboards, piano), Dave Haswell (percussion) and Mike Silver (acoustic guitar, backing vocals).

Produced by Mike Silver, recorded and mixed by David Gray and mastered by Mark Ellis.

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