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16 tracks: Ballad of The D-Day Dodgers (Rod Paterson) * Poem: So Long (Fred Freeman) * The Flyting o’ Life and Daith (Alison McMorland) * Victory Hoedown (Adam McNaughtan) * Rivonia (The Corrie Folk Trio) * The Freedom Come All Ye (Jim Reid) * Poem: Ninth Elegy / Song: Thug Oirinn Oro (Margaret Bennett) * The Ballad of The Men of Knoydart (Geordie McIntyre) * The Speaking Heart (Gordeanna McCulloch) * The Song of The Gillie More (Dick Gaughan) * The 51st Highland Division’s Farewell to Sicily (Hamish Henderson) * The John MacLean March (The Laggan) * Pipe Tunes / Poem (Allan MacDonald and Fred Freeman) * Mouth Music (Hamish Henderson) * Auld Reekie’s Roses (Eurydice Choir with Gordeanna McCulloch) * My Son David (Jeannie Robertson).


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Hamish Henderson Tribute Album (vol 1) - A’ The Bairns O Adam

“Various artists including Adam McNaughtan, Dick Gaughan, Rod Paterson, Jim Reid, The Corrie Folk Trio and The Laggan combine for this tribute to the late, great singer/songwriter/collector Dr Hamish Henderson. Several of his most popular songs are included: The John MacLean March, Farewell to Sicily, D-Day Dodgers, The Freedom Come All Ye and more. A best seller.”

(Managing Director Ian Green’s Pick Of The Month album, February 2022)

Poet, songwriter, soldier, collector, academic - none of these pigeon-holes do justice to the late Hamish Henderson, one of the great cultural figures of 20th century Scotland.

Most of the tracks were recorded specially for this album by artists who were personal friends of Hamish, or greatly admired his work.

Artists include Dick Gaughan, The Laggan, Fred Freeman, Alison McMorland, Gordeanna McCulloch, Adam McNaughtan, Geordie McIntyre, Rod Paterson, Jim Reid, Allan MacDonald, Margaret Bennett, The Corrie Folk Trio and the Eurydice Choir.

Session musicians who contributed to the newly recorded tracks were Sandy Brechin (accordion), Angus Lyon (accordion), Rod Paterson (guitar), Alison McMorland (banjo), Frank McLaughlin (smallpipes) and Malcolm Stitt (guitar and bouzouki). Produced by Dr Fred Freeman (producer of the Linn Records Robert Burns series).

Hamish died in Edinburgh on 8th March 2002, but at the celebration of Hamish’s life (which followed one of the largest Edinburgh funerals in recent times), the idea of a tribute album was already being suggested. The finished album consists mainly of Hamish’s songs and poems and is accompanied by extensive sleeve notes and song lyrics.

Three tracks were gleaned from The School of Scottish Studies archives - a spirited version of Hamish singing his own song The 51st Highland Division’s Farewell To Sicily and a piece of mouth music, plus a track from the wonderful Jeannie Robertson.

See the Hamish Henderson Tribute vol 2 - Ballad Of The Banffies.

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