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13 tracks: Tambourine Mountain * Hallowed Ground * True Believers * The Last of The Old Times * The Promise * Tired * Other People’s Children * A Good Man * The Demon * The Last Rodeo * Thou Shalt Not * To An Athlete Dying Young * While I Am Here.

Eric Bogle’s first album of new songs since 2002, Other People’s Children is another exceptional collection of songs from this prolific songwriter.

In Hallowed Ground Eric re-visits No Man’s Land and the World War 1 graveyards, and he reflects on the elderly in The Last Of The Old Timers. In Other People’s Children he condemns the killing of defenceless, helpless civilians, mainly women and children in the many so-called ‘little’ wars, from Korea to Iraq. In A Good Man he takes a swipe at politicians, while manic depression and people’s sometimes unhelpful attitude to this physical illness is the subject of The Demon.

The album includes two songs by other writers - To An Athlete Dying Young, a poem by A E Houseman with music by Eric, and While I Am Here, by friend and long-time touring buddy John Munro - a ‘be the best you can’ type of song, which Eric describes as ‘a positive way to end the album’.

Eric enlists the help of several musicians, including the award-winning Australian band Colcannon, featuring Kat Kraus (backing vocals), Emma Luker (fiddle), Jenna Bonavita (bass guitar), John Munro (guitars, mandolins, vocals) and Pete Titchener (guitar and vocals). In addition Kat Kraus takes lead vocal on The Promise, about saying the final goodbye to someone you love. Eric felt this song was best sung by Kat.

This collection again emphasises Eric Bogle’s fearless approach to subjects which many other songwriters are afraid to tackle.

One of the best songwriters over the last three decades - in a Celebrity Top Fifty Songs Poll held in 2003, two of his songs were placed at No 1 and No 5 respectively, above such international artistes as Bob Dylan, Marvin Gaye, Elvis Costello, Leonard Cohen, The Beatles, Joni Mitchell and Johnny Cash.

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