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1986-2024: Celebrating Scotland's Music for 38 years

Ian Green: 1934-2024

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15 tracks: The Stoutest Man In The Forty-Twa * The Trumpet Sounds * The Jute Mill Song * Will Ye Go Tae Flanders * She Was a Rum One * The Diamond Ship * List Bonnie Laddie * Johnny Gallagher * Gi’e Me A Lass Wi’ A Lump O’ Land * Kiss The Children For Me Mary * Tatties An’ Herrin’ * The Yella Haired Laddie * The Forfar Sodger * The Bleacher Lass O’ Kelvinhaugh * Slippy Stane.


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Ian Bruce - Hodden Grey

Ian Bruce is arguably one of the best singers in Scotland, and has also gone on to be a fine songwriter, although this album is mainly Scottish traditional songs.

The album is dedicated to his father, John (Jack) H Bruce, who was at one time the Pipe Major of The London Scottish Regiment, known for their Hodden Grey kilts.

Ian is accompanied by Dougie Pincock (whistles, flute, percussion), Malcolm Stitt (low whistle, bouzouki), Ian Lowthian (accordion, keyboards) and Catriona MacDonald (fiddle).

Ian was later to team with Ian Walker, and then his brother Fraser Bruce.

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