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15 tracks: Cancel Marie’s Wedding * Lochs of the Tay * Don’t Sit on My Jimmy Shands * They Sent a Wumman * Five O’Clock in the Morning * Instrumental Medley: Alas That I Came O’Er the Hill / Square da Mizzen * No-One Left But Me * Take Her in Your Arms * Upstairs Doonstairs * Don’t Waste Ma Time * High Ground / Vogrie * Wrecked Again * White Horses * Cholesterol * Libertas Ragusa


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The McCalmans - High Ground

A studio album from this hugely popular vocal harmony group, of Ian McCalman, Nick Keir & Derek Moffat.

Standout tracks include Cancel Marie’s Wedding, Don’t Sit on My Jimmy Shand’s, They Sent a Wumman, Wrecked Again and Cholesterol.

Classic McCalmans.

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