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17 tracks: Small Miracles * The Diggers’ Legacy * Dedication Day * Ekka’s Silver Jubilee Song * Always Back to You * The Blessing * Here in the Green * Sayonarra Australia * The Golden City * Somebody’s Daughter * Keeper of the Flame * Romeo and Juilet in Sarajevo * The Red Heart * Troy’s Song * Unsung Hero * The Heart of the Land * One Small Star


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Eric Bogle - Small Miracles

Ex-pat Scot Eric Bogle is recognised in Australia as one of their most significant songwriters, and he has numerous awards to prove it!

He is of course best known for his songs No Man’s Land and The Band Played Waltzing Matilda but he has written and recorded dozens of equally popular songs on many subjects.

On this album he is accompanied by David O’Neill (guitar, violin, mandolin, backing vocals), Jonathon Jones (drums, percussion), Paul Stender (cello), Ian Blake (saxophone, whistles and an amazing array of other instruments), and Sandy Grey and Jenny Dickson (backing vocals).

Watch out for One Small Star, “written for the parents of those poor wee kiddies who died in Dunblane”.

Another amazing collection of Bogle songs.

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