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1986-2024: Celebrating Scotland's Music for 38 years

Ian Green: 1934-2024

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16 tracks: More Than Just a Dram * Our Glens * Piper MacNeil * Willie Brew’d a Peck o’ Maut * The Parish o’ Dunkeld * Tak’ Aff Your Dram * Twelve and a Tanner a Bottle * Whisky and Women * Nancy’s Whisky * The Deil’s Awa’ Wi’ Th’ Exciseman * A Bottle o’ the Best * John Barleycorn * Tongue Discipline * Tall Tale * Whisky You’re The Devil * Tak a Dram - a Wee Deoch an Dorus.


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Robin Laing - The Angels’ Share

Robin Laing is one of the most thoughtful and gifted voices of the Scottish folk revival.

He has also established himself as a whisky taster and is much in demand in that field. This is the first of four albums on the subject of whisky by Robin and is a wonderful collection of songs and a couple of poems celebrating Scotland’s national drink - ‘the water of life’!

The front cover photograph was taken in The Scotch Malt Whisky Society premises in Leith.

The collection includes such classics as Our Glens, Twelve And a Tanner A Bottle and A Wee Deoch and Dorus.

Robin is accompanied by Hamish Bayne on concertina, Nick Keir on whistle, John Martin on fiddle and Wendy Weatherby on cello.

Yet another classic album.

“Atmospheric stuff from this long admired balladeer…”
(Shire Folk)

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