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Ian Green: 1934-2024

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12 tracks: Jean Carignan * Strathspeys * Winter O Life * First Flight * Pawkie Paiterson * Father John * Weepers I Shall Wear * Reverend’s Revenge * Huntin’ the Buntin’ * Clanranald * The Coarncraik * Keys, Money, Fags.


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Deaf Shepherd - Synergy

Second album by this exciting instrumental and vocal band.

Lead vocals by John Morran (also guitar), Rory Campbell (Highland bagpipe, whistles, vocals), Marianne Curran (fiddle, vocals), Clare McLaughlin (fiddle) and Malcolm Stitt (bouzouki, Highland bagpipe, guitar, vocals).

Guest musicians Brian O hEadhra (bodhran) and Tony McManus (vocals, bodhran) who also produced the album.

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