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12 tracks: The Hieland Sodger, The Collier Laddie, Lady Mary Ann, Mill o’ Tifty’s Annie, Rashie Moor, Matty Groves, Fiollaigean, ‘S Daor A Cheannaich Mi’n T’Iasgach, Tha M’Fheudail Is M’ Aighear ‘S Mo Ghradh, Gloomy Winter, Adam Cameron.


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Billy Ross - Shore Street

Billy Ross was a founder member of the widely travelled folk band Ossian, formed in 1976, and returned to be part of the re-formed Ossian in 1997, when they recorded The Carrying Stream for Greentrax Recordings. Over the years Billy has also featured in other lineups, including the excellent Smalltalk, but has also followed a solo singing career.

He is highly regarded within the Gaelic community, being much sought after for television work, and also on the folk music scene where he has become something of a legend. Billy surely has one of the most relaxing voices in Scotland and has an extensive repertoire of both Scottish and Gaelic song.

This is Billy’s first solo album and consists traditional songs which he has always greatly admired but somehow never included on any of the several group albums he has been involved with. The album was produced by Ossian pal William Jackson (who also contributed backing vocals, whistle, harmonium, harp and piano/keyboard).

They are joined by some of the best musicians on the Scottish scene - Tony McManus (guitars), Iain MacInnes (small pipes), Stuart Morison (fiddle), James MacKintosh (percussion), Kevin MacRae (cello), John Martin (fiddle) and Robin Williams (oboe). Mention must also be made of the wonderful backing vocals of Mae McKenna on three tracks.

Billy pays thanks to Gaelic singer Flora MacNeil who for many years has given selflessly of her time to help and advise Billy with Gaelic songs.

Critics said of Billy’s singing on The Carrying Stream:

‘The edge still remains due to fine performances from Billy Ross’ (Fyfe on Folk)

‘Billy Ross’s understated vocals’ (Newsquest, Lancashire)

‘Billy Ross is given his head with some fine results’ (Sounding Strings)

‘Ross is masterful’ (Sing Out, USA)

‘The velvet voice of Billy Ross’ (Folk Roots)

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