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12 tracks: No Gods And Precious Few Heroes * Miss Michison Regrets * Any Mick’ll Do * The Drover’s Road / Breton Wedding March * Trains And My Grandfather * The Heroes’ Reels * Montrose * Inside The Whale / Princess Augusta * Fighter * Alison Hargreaves / Veillon’s / Young Master Haigh * Steady As She Goes * Bring Back The Wolf.


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Brian McNeill - No Gods

This, Brian McNeill’s second Greentrax album, was a really big production.

The title of the album is from the first track - No Gods And Precious Few Heroes - later to be recorded by Brian’s buddy, Dick Gaughan.

There is mix of both new songs and powerful instrumentals, all by Brian, as you might expect from this amazing multi-instrumentalist.

Other standout tracks include the songs Any Mick’ll Do, Trains and My Grandfather, Fighter and Bring Back The Wolf, while the instrumentals, The Heroes Reels, will have you jumping.

With Tony McManus, Dougie Pincock, Gary Coupland, Mike Travis, Brian Shiels, Patsy Seddon, Davy Steele and the Brass Section all adding to this quite remarkable collection.

Amazing stuff.

“A powerful display by Scotland’s most meaningful contemporary talent…”
(The Scotsman)

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