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15 tracks: Strong Women Rule Us All With Their Tears * Dark Eyed Molly * Address To A Haggis * Mill O’ Tifty’s Annie * The Tryst * The False Bride * The Glasgow Councillor * The Slave’s Lament * Seattle * The Great Silkie O’ Sule Skerrie * The Shearin * A Waukrife Minnie * Silver Tassie * My Luv’s Like A Red, Red Rose * The Little Sunday School.


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Sheena Wellington - Strong Women

Sheena Wellington is a highly regarded Scottish traditional-style singer and her reputation increased dramatically when she was invited to sing the Burns classic A Man’s A Man at the official opening of the Scottish Parliament on 1st July 1999. This live track can be heard on her second Greentrax album, Hamely Fare.

Strong Women is a live recording made at Nitten (Newtongrange) Folk Club in 1995. Sheena sang a mix of traditional and more recent songs with her backing duo of Ewen Sutherland (guitar) and Simon Thoumire (concertina) to a very enthusiastic full house.

Sheena said:

“Why a live album? Because I love working with an audience that joins the choruses, laughs at the funny bits, cries at the sad songs and is as much a part of the show as I am…”

Some of the highlights include: Strong Women (the Brian McNeill classic), Dark Eyed Molly, The Tryst, The Glasgow Councillor (by the great Adam McNaughtan), The Great Silkie of Sule Skerry, The Shearin, Silver Tassie and Little Sunday School.

Several Burns classics are included. This is the best of live singing.

“The mix is powerful…”
(The Scotsman)

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