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11 tracks: MacPherson’s Rant * The Jolly Beggar * The 74th Highlanders Farewell To Edinburgh * I’m Often Drunk and I’m Seldom Sober * The Overgate * The Merchant’s Son * The Daft Piper * Boolavogue * Harvest Home * The Dowie Dens o’ Yarrow


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Davie Stewart

Davie Stewart was one of Scotland’s travelling people, a character who sang and played melodeon as he travelled around the country, visiting fairs and festivals.

Davie was recorded by Hamish Henderson in Dundee and Edinburgh over a period of years between 1954 and 1962. This album was originally released by Topic Records then later released by Greentrax Recordings on licence in 1998, under the banner of Classics From Scotland.

The album contains songs and melodeon tunes. The Daft Piper was undoubtedly one of Davie’s showpieces and is included, as is a piece of cantering, used for singing pipe tunes.

A fine collection from a real character.

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