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1986-2021: Celebrating Scotland's Music for 35 Years

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cover image for Shooglenifty - A Whisky Kiss

Shooglenifty - A Whisky Kiss

 — All Time Top Sellers — Bands — CD — CDTRAX106

Wild crossover music played on fiddle (Angus Grant), banjo (Garry Finlayson), mandolin (Iain MacLeod), guitar (Malcolm Crosbie), bass (Conrad Ivitsky) drums and percussion (James Mackintosh). Second album from this phenomenal Scottish band, who have transcended categories and genres, sampled the… read more

cover image for Salsa Celtica - The Great Scottish Latin Adventure

Salsa Celtica - The Great Scottish Latin Adventure

 — All Time Top Sellers — G2 Label — Bands — CD — G2CD7005

Salsa Celtica formed in 1996 from a group of Celtic and Latino musicians who fused South American and Cuban song, salsa rhythms, improvisation, Scottish reels and ceilidh tunes to create a Caledonian Caribbean Salsa Paradise. The fusion has established the band as one of the major draws on the… read more

cover image for Burach - Deeper

Burach - Deeper

 — Bands — Stream or Download only — CDTRAX189

Folk rock led by the inimitable Sandy Brechin (accordion), Gregor Borland (fiddle) and the exciting voice of Ali Cherry (lead vocals) plus Doug Anderson (guitars, mandolin), Eoghain Anderson (drums and percussion) and Roy Waterston (bass guitar). Ali Cherry also pens most of the songs. Burach have… read more

cover image for Ceolbeg - Cairn Water

Ceolbeg - Cairn Water

 — £6 Stock Clearance - limited period — Bands — CD — CDTRAX188

This album was recorded after the late Davy Steele had departed the band and was replaced by Rod Paterson, one of Scotland’s finest singers. The rest of the band consisted of Wendy Stewart (harp, concertina, vocals), Peter Boond (flute, whistle, cittern, vocals), Colin Matheson (keyboards, guitar,… read more

cover image for Mac Umba - BruHuhaho

Mac Umba - BruHuhaho

 — Bands — Bagpipes — Stream or Download only — CDTRAX161

Merging elements of Brazilian and Caribbean percussion with Scottish piping, while playing Scottish and other melodies, Mac Umba produce an exciting sound that has thrilled audiences in many parts of the world, including South America. Performing in costume adds a very visual aspect to the band’s… read more

cover image for Whistlebinkies - Timber Timbre

Whistlebinkies - Timber Timbre

 — Bands — Gaelic Song — CD — CDTRAX159

One of Scotland’s longest-established folk groups. Formed during the great surge of interest in traditional and Celtic music and song in the late 1960’s, the Whistlebinkies quickly evolved into a leading force in their field. They led the revival in the use of the bellows-blown bagpipes in… read more

cover image for Seelyhoo - Leetera

Seelyhoo - Leetera

 — Bands — Stream or Download only — CDTRAX160

The lineup comprises Fiona Mackenzie (vocals), Sandy Brechin (accordion), Jennifer Wrigley (fiddle), Jim Walker (percussion), Niall Muir (bass guitar) and Hazel Wrigley (piano). Second album by this popular instrumental and Gaelic song group. The Wrigleys (Jennifer and Hazel) had already carved out… read more

cover image for The Felsons - Glad

The Felsons - Glad

 — £6 Stock Clearance - limited period — G2 Label — Bands — CD — G2CD7001

Rock/country band who have supported The Mavericks on tour. The Felsons are led by singer-songwriter Dean Owens who wrote all songs on the album except one (On Fire). The other members of the band are Callais Brown (guitars mandolin, banjo, vocals), Kevin McGuire (bass guitar, upright bass, vocals)… read more

cover image for Folkal Point Edinburgh

Folkal Point Edinburgh

 — £6 Stock Clearance - limited period — Compilations — Bands — CD — CDTRAX168

Traditional Music from a New Generation. Traditional music from a new generation. In the 1990s Edinburgh was a melting-pot of young musicians who had been attracted from all parts of Scotland and beyond to the city. From this vibrant music scene comes a most exciting album, featuring the best young contemporary bands and musicians based in… read more

cover image for Fiddlers’ Bid - Hamnataing

Fiddlers’ Bid - Hamnataing

 — All Time Top Sellers — Bands — Fiddle — Stream or Download only — CDTRAX167

Shetland’s sensational young band features four dynamic fiddlers backed by a driving rhythm section creating an exhilarating sound. Featuring Chris Stout, Andrew Gifford, Maurice Henderson, Kevin Henderson (fiddles), Catriona MacKay (keyboards and clarsach), Steve Yarrington (guitar) and David… read more

cover image for Skyedance - Way Out To Hope Street

Skyedance - Way Out To Hope Street

 — £6 Stock Clearance - limited period — Bands — Bagpipes — Fiddle — CD — CUL111D

Brought together by Alasdair Fraser during the recording of his acclaimed album Dawn Dance, this is the debut recording from Skyedance. Virtuosity meets vision as the six members unite their considerable creative spirits in original compositions which push the Scottish tradition, from exquisitely… read more

cover image for Deaf Shepherd - Synergy

Deaf Shepherd - Synergy

 — Bands — Stream or Download only — CDTRAX143

Second album by this exciting instrumental and vocal band. Lead vocals by John Morran (also guitar), Rory Campbell (Highland bagpipe, whistles, vocals), Marianne Curran (fiddle, vocals), Clare McLaughlin (fiddle) and Malcolm Stitt (bouzouki, Highland bagpipe, guitar, vocals). Guest musicians Brian O… read more

cover image for Burach - Born Tired

Burach - Born Tired

 — £6 Stock Clearance - limited period — Bands — CD — CDTRAX136

An example of the new wave of young musicians with diverse influences coming to the fore in Scotland. New to the band are Gregor Borland (fiddle), Eoghain Anderson (drums and percussion) and Roy Waterson (bass). ‘Burach display verve, skill and imagination.’ The Scotsman ‘Ali Cherry’s vocals… read more

cover image for Ossian - The Carrying Stream

Ossian - The Carrying Stream

 — Bands — Stream or Download only — CDTRAX127

21 years after the band first played in Glasgow, Ossian release an album on which founder members William Jackson (harp, whistles, piano, bodhran, vocals) and Billy Ross (vocals, guitar, dulcimer) are joined by Iain MacInnes (Scottish smallpipes, whistles) and Stuart Morison (fiddle, cittern,… read more

cover image for Tam White’s Shoestring - The Real Deal

Tam White’s Shoestring - The Real Deal

 — Bands — Stream or Download only — G2CD7002

The late Tam White was a legend in the jazz and blues scenes, and his equally highly regarded partners were Fraser Spiers (harmonica) and Neil Warden (guitars). Recorded live at The Dome, Edinburgh in 1997. Tam was an astounding performer. This is a collector’s item. The Scotsman said of this… read more

cover image for Peatbog Faeries - Mellowosity

Peatbog Faeries - Mellowosity

 — All Time Top Sellers — Bands — CD — CDTRAX124

A Skye-based band, Peatbog Faeries play their own brand of traditional fusion, including pipes, whistle, fiddle, guitar, keyboards, bass, drums and percussion. Now widely popular, the album continues to be a Greentrax bestseller. The founder of the band, Peter Morrison (pipes and whistles) is also a… read more

cover image for Mac Umba - Don’t Hold Your Breath

Mac Umba - Don’t Hold Your Breath

 — Bands — Bagpipes — Stream or Download only — CDTRAX113

Mac Umba present samba and Scottish bagpipe and drum crossover. A Greentrax best seller. One shop - Waterloo Records in Austin, Texas, USA - alone has sold over one thousand units of the album. Unique and exciting. “Mac Umba, a beast apart from any other Scots ethnic/roots band, and a wonderful… read more

cover image for Jock Tamson’s Bairns - A’ Jock Tamson’s Bairns

Jock Tamson’s Bairns - A’ Jock Tamson’s Bairns

 — Bands — Stream or Download only — CDTRAX112

The Lasses Fashion & Jock Tamson’s Bairns. Jock Tamson’s Bairns - one of the most esteemed and influential bands in Scottish traditional music. The band’s first two albums (The Lasses Fashion and Jock Tamson’s Bairns) on one CD. The band members on The Lasses Fashion are Norman Chalmers (concertina, whistles, piano), John Croall… read more

cover image for Deaf Shepherd - Ae Spark O’ Nature’s Fire

Deaf Shepherd - Ae Spark O’ Nature’s Fire

 — Bands — Stream or Download only — CDTRAX104

First album from the popular traditional group Deaf Shepherd. Their turbo-charged performances are packed with tastefully done ballads, and inventive high-energy arrangements of wild reels and cracking jigs. The band comprised Clare McLaughlin (fiddle), John Morran (vocals, guitar), Rory Campbell… read more

cover image for Ceolbeg - Five

Ceolbeg - Five

 — Bands — Stream or Download only — CDTRAX100

Modern folk sound with vocals, harp, pipes, keyboards, guitar, flute, bouzouki and drums. The highly acclaimed Scottish band release their fourth album for Greentrax. Since their last album, singer Davy Steele has been replaced by Rod Paterson, arguably Scotland’s best male Scots singer. The… read more

cover image for The Whistlebinkies - A Wanton Fling

The Whistlebinkies - A Wanton Fling

 — Bands — CD — CDTRAX095

The Whistlebinkies were one of Scotland’s early folk bands and one of the first to introduce the bagpipes into band lineups. Pipes are played by top Scottish piper Rab Wallace (Lowland pipes, Scottish smallpipes). The other band members are Stuart Eydmann (concertina, vocals), Mark Hayward… read more

cover image for Rua - Ao-Tea-Roa

Rua - Ao-Tea-Roa

 — £6 Stock Clearance - limited period — Bands — CD — CDTRAX103

Second release by Greentrax of the band Rua recorded live at the end of a tour in New Zealand. Features the fine voice of Denny Stewart plus James Wilkinson (bass and acoustic guitars), Jon Hooker (acoustic and electric guitars), and Matthew Lawrence (percussion). Another award winner. ‘This… read more

cover image for Seelyhoo - The First Caul

Seelyhoo - The First Caul

 — Bands — Stream or Download only — CDTRAX102

The group comprises Fiona Mackenzie (vocals), Hazel and Jennifer Wrigley, the Wrigley Sisters (fiddle and piano), Jim Walker (percussion), Sandy Brechin (accordion) and Aaron Jones (bass guitar). A hugely popular group of their time with a mixture of strong instrumentals and mainly Gaelic song. read more

cover image for Burach - The Weird Set

Burach - The Weird Set

 — Bands — Stream or Download only — CDTRAX093

Led by Sandy Brechin (accordion) and Gavin Marwick (fiddle), with singers George Stott and Alison Cherry, this was one of the leading Scottish folk/rock bands of the time. The band could build up a huge head of steam and audiences loved them, rocking and dancing with them. read more

cover image for Thulbion - Twilight Bound

Thulbion - Twilight Bound

 — Bands — Stream or Download only — CDTRAX088

Thulbion consisted of Violet Tulloch (piano), Judi Nicolson (fiddle), Ian Nicolson (accordion) and Andrew Tulloch (guitar). The band play jigs, reels, hornpipes, marches and slow airs - entirely acoustic and in the Shetland style. Guest musicians are Brian Cruickshank (bass guitar) and Max Ketchin… read more

cover image for Highland Connection - Gaining Ground

Highland Connection - Gaining Ground

 — Bands — Stream or Download only — CDTRAX087

The late Ian Hardie (fiddle, viola, string bass, Scottish smallpipes) pops up in another Highland lineup, after his move from the Borders to Moray. The other members are Janice Clark (vocals, guitar), an outstanding singer from a singing family and David ‘Dagger’ Gordon (mandolin, cittern), a… read more

cover image for Smalltalk


 — £6 Stock Clearance - limited period — Bands — CD — CDTRAX079

Smalltalk are Iain MacInnes (small pipes), Billy Ross (guitar, vocals) and Stuart Morison (fiddle). This was a forerunner to their Ossian album on Greentrax, on which they were joined by Billy Jackson. Although short-lived, Smalltalk produced an excellent sound and built up a good following before… read more

cover image for Shooglenifty - Venus In Tweeds

Shooglenifty - Venus In Tweeds

 — All Time Top Sellers — 2021 Top 20 — Bands — CD — CDTRAX076

The first album from the band who have transcended categories and genres, sampled the music from past and present and stirred it together in a loud, proud mix that’s taken them to the position of one of Scotland’s top live bands. Wild crossover music played on fiddle (Angus Grant), banjo (Garry… read more

cover image for Ceolbeg - An Unfair Dance

Ceolbeg - An Unfair Dance

 — Bands — Stream or Download only — CDTRAX058

Contemporary Celtic group Ceolbeg featuring Davy Steele, Jim Walker, Wendy Stewart and Gary West. Ceolbeg was a top band in its day (now disbanded) and this was the third album of several for Greentrax. Much of the album content was used in the making of the late David Bellamy’s wildlife series on… read more

cover image for Tartan Amoebas

Tartan Amoebas

 — Bands — Stream or Download only — CDTRAX133

Led by Fraser McNaughton (fiddle and Highland bagpipe), with George McCallum (trumpet), Bob Carter (guitar), Alex Fiennes (bass), Euan Turner (drums) and Guy Nicolson (percussion), this band was one of the early pioneers of bagpipe inspired upbeat tunes. Audiences loved them and danced the nights… read more