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1986-2024: Celebrating Scotland's Music for 38 years

Ian Green: 1934-2024

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16 tracks: The Pipe Tunes (Shooglenifty) * The 70th Year (Eilidh Shaw) * Battle of Waterloo (Jim Malcolm) * Cuillin (Martyn Bennett) * Goa Away (Corner House) * Instrumental Set (Seelyhoo) * Little Pickle (Kick) * Taylor’s Mistake (Calluna) * Nothing Left To Say (Burach) * Barbara’s Jig (Keep It Up) * Punch In The Face (Tabache) * Huntin’ The Buntin’ (Deaf Shepherd) * The Gold Ring (Russell’s House) * The Ba’ Rag (Jennifer and Hazel Wrigley) * November (Anam) * Morning At Bonny Doon Set (Tony McManus).


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Folkal Point Edinburgh

Traditional music from a new generation.

In the 1990s Edinburgh was a melting-pot of young musicians who had been attracted from all parts of Scotland and beyond to the city. From this vibrant music scene comes a most exciting album, featuring the best young contemporary bands and musicians based in Edinburgh.

With Shooglenifty, Eilidh Shaw, Jim Malcolm, Martyn Bennett, Corner House, Seelyhoo, Kick, Calluna, Burach, Keep It Up, Tabache, Deaf Shepherd, Russell’s House, The Wrigley Sisters, Anam and Tony McManus.

Compiled from the Greentrax roster, with tracks licensed from other labels and including three tracks previously unreleased.

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